10 Baby Halloween Costumes You Should See


10 Baby Halloween Costumes You Should See

Wondering about what costume you should get your baby dressed in for this Halloween!!! And if this is your Baby’s first Halloween, then this is even more special. Missing a special & fun event like this is not happening at all.

Today in this post you shall be getting some ideas about how to get your baby dressed for this Halloween. But before I go any further, let me first give a brief about Halloween.

Halloween is celebration on 31st of October and it can be broken down to “All Hallows’ EVE ” to understand its meaning. Halloween is also known as “All Soul’s Day” and “All Saints’ Day”. Halloween is celebrated at Celt’s Samhain which means “Summer’s End”, this day is actually considered a s a day when supernatural and natural worlds were believed to mix into one.

This festival involves enormous lighting & huge bonfires with an intention to ward off evil spirits.

People dress up in heads and skin of dead animals and also dress in various fancy attires on this day.

Halloween’s costume need not be complicated all they need to be is just be Spooky. But going all the way very devilish in costumes may not be as good a idea for small babies, so let’s get the babies in Halloween mood with some unique Halloween costume ideas:

The Giggly – Wiggly Octopus


10 Baby Halloween Costumes You Can Try - baby-octopus


This is a cute easy peasy kind of costume, even if you do not find it for purchase you can try your hand and make it at home. The basic idea behind this costume is to use stocking or babies pants as octopus’ legs. You can fill in stuffing in them to make them look like octopus’ legs and then stitch them together to a waistband. Use a cute cap that has octopus eyes in them. There you are, your giggly wiggly octopus is ready.

Little Cup Cake


10 Baby Halloween Costumes You Can Try - little_cupcake3


Oh you look yummy, I am gonna eat youuuuuuu????

Oh did I just sound like an evil witch!!! Well I did not intend to have witch like intentions but I just went helpless after I saw this cute- yummy looking baby cupcake.

The Scarecrow


10 Baby Halloween Costumes You Can Try - scarecrow


Are you actually scared of this baby scarescrow??? Not me at alI, indeed I am in love with this super cute Scare scrow.

The Wild Thing


10 Baby Halloween Costumes You Can Try - wild_thing Costume


I do not exactly know what animal is this boy resembling with this costume, but still I find it super attractive and playful. This costume in no way hinders the baby’s playful moods and at the same time goes well with Halloween theme. I totally love the basket paired with this costume.

Potato Sack


10 Baby Halloween Costumes You Can Try - potato_sack


If you have a small baby who is not much grown up then this potato sack costume should be your pick. It keeps the baby secure and at the same time brings the Halloween feel.

Halloween Chicken


10 Baby Halloween Costumes You Can Try - halloween_chicken


Here comes the cute Halloween chicken

Little Owl


10 Baby Halloween Costumes You Can Try - lil_owl


Look what is coming your way. An angelic little owl. I know I know “Angelic” and “Owl” do not get along together, but for this costume they have come together.

Baby Mouse


10 Baby Halloween Costumes You Can Try - baby_mouse_caught_in_mouse_trap1


Aawww, who got this cute mouse caught in this trap. You can only imagine your baby in such a lovely mouse costume.
No No, not only imagine, you can also our chase such a costume for this Halloween.

Little Old Lady


10 Baby Halloween Costumes You Can Try - little_old_lady


Go away the devil, here comes the little old lady to make you run away.

The Big Bad Wolf


10 Baby Halloween Costumes You Can Try - the_big_bad_wolf


This is always a great idea to adapt fairytale characters when confused about Halloween costumes.
Getting fairy tale’s costume is great, the big bad wolf is wicked and is apt for Halloween.

How did you dress your baby this Halloween?

Did you like these suggestions?

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  1. aah the old lady is so adorable! So simple and yet unique!! Just loved it so much. For my first son I tried such home made costumes like monk, vampire, animal costumes. Babies/toddlers look so cute in costumes.

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