10 Baby Pram Safety Tips

Baby Pram safety tips

That first cry of the newborn sends everyone into a whirlwind of inexplicable and unadulterated joy, with the whole family becoming dizzy too. However, though the tiny bundle of joy adds pure joy to your lives, parenthood also means a bunch of responsibilities and the one that tops the chart is — securing the life of your baby every moment and in every aspect. The baby must feel completely secured in your life and family always. Prams play a similar role in the life of a new parent, particularly when they are heading out for a trip to the grocery store, supermarket, a friend’s place, dinner date or to embark on a vacation with the little one along.

Therefore, buying a pram is not a casual task for new parents. While buying a pram most parents focus on the color, style, size and ease of use, latest additions etc. many of us forget to consider the single most important factor here — your baby’s safety. Of course, a pram is necessary for parents to move easily and be comfortable as and when required.

Let’s find out more about the safety tips to note while using a pram for your baby.

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  • Comfortable shoes are a must. So always choose comfortable shows to walk in, because if as a parent you find it difficult to walk properly due to improper shoes, chances are you will trip and this might impact your baby.
  • Support: Most moms may have told you that a newborn baby’s head and neck are not formed at all at birth, and a wrong placement of the head and neck could deform it and also cause breathing problems for your baby. Hence adequate support is most important. Do not opt for a pram where your baby’s body gets curled up or looks like a ‘C’. Instead, take care so that the baby’s head is at a higher level, and his/her nose and mouth are not covered by any clothing or any part of the pram.
  • Ensure that his/her face is visible for you to see if the baby is asleep or wants something urgently such as food or water.

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  • Try and check the comfort factor of the pram as well. Ascertain if your baby will feel comfortable once you put him/her inside the pram.
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  • You will also need to check certain parts of the pram such as the safety trap, the wheels etc. Check if the safety traps are sturdy enough to keep the baby locked safely inside the pram.
  • When you see that your child has grown and has become more active, teach him/her not to lean out of the pram to avoid mishaps.
  • Always use the safety harness to prevent your baby from falling off the pram.
  • Avoid using pillows in the pram as this may restrict movement of the baby.
  • Be careful when you’re walking on rough roads, or any other surface that is not plain, as the chances of accidents on uneven surfaces is always higher.

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These were some of the tips that you should note when you buy the first pram for your kid.

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