10 Healthy Snacks For School

10 Healthy Snacks For School

Snacks are not always unhealthy. You can try some nutritious recipes that are yummy and can be packed for schools easily. Many times kids do not finish what you pack in their lunch box and but if you give them these snacks they will definitely finish it up and get good nutrition as well. Try these Healthy Snacks For School-


homemade upma recipe

This delightful gooey recipe is made with semolina. It is light on stomach but is quite fulfilling. You can add any vegetables of your choice to make it more nutritious. You can learn how to make upma easily here.


simple paneer sandwich recipe for kids

Sandwiches are quick and easy to make. You can use wholewheat bread to make them healthier. Sandwiches can be made with slices of raw veggies or with a stuffing of boiled potatoes. There are many more ways to whip up sandwiches so keep experimenting.

Soy Chunks


You can soak soy chunks in water for 30 minutes and roast them for kids. Sprinkle some salt and pepper on it give to kids. Soy chunks are full of protein and make a great snack option.

Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Instead of deep frying the sweet potato sticks, bake them for kids. Sweet potato is healthier than potato and baking it makes it taste even yummier. Pack them with ketchup or hummus.

Fruits And Cheese

Cut some fruits and take a few slices of cheese. Arrange them on a wooden skewer for kids. Cheese and fruits are healthy and kids will love it when you serve these together.

Muesli Balls

This is an easy recipe that you can make with muesli quickly. This recipe contains coconut, honey and brown sugar so it is totally healthy and yummy. You can find this recipe here.


You can buy granola from market and make your own at home. This is a delicious recipe and kids can munch on it whenever they feel like having a quick snack. You can see this recipe here.


12months babies dosa recipe

Chillas are quick savoury pancakes. These can be made with gram flour or with moong dal. It can be served as a quick breakfast too. Click here for moong dal chilla recipe.


Make some whole wheat waffles at home and top them with honey and bananas to prepare a tasty snack.


Healthy egg recipe for weight loss+weight loss recipes

You can give eggs to kids in a variety of forms. For making a quick snack, you can scramble them or boil them. Season boiled eggs with salt and pepper or with pasta seasoning. You can also sprinkle chat masala over them.

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