10 Natural Remedies To Remove Sun Tan From Baby’s Skin

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We love to take care of our baby’s skin, right? But before applying anything on the tender and developing baby skin, we need to be cent percent sure about the side effects and results. Chemicals are something which should be on the last of the list when choosing a baby skin care product and so natural remedies are the best in any case. Natural remedies not only give you full results with no damage but also ensures that there is no hole in your pocket. Listing 10 ways in which you can remove sun tan from your baby’s skin if there is any prominent darkness caused by any means. Dig in!

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10 Natural Remedies to Remove Sun Tan From Baby Skin

Gram Flour Paste

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You can prepare your own homemade DIY baby cleanser to keep your baby skin soft and fresh. Mix raw milk, turmeric, fresh cream, and gram flour (besan) and make a paste out of it. Then just apply it on, leave it for 10 minutes and then rub it off with a wet cotton.



Fruits help to keep your baby’s skin soft, hydrated and supple. Always feed him fruits like grapes, apples and oranges and see the difference in the skin within some time.

Hot Oil Massage

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Hot Oil Massage is really beneficial for you baby skin. It firms your baby’s developing skin while restoring the oil balance in your skin cells. Massaging gives your baby skin a shine and lustre you always wanted.

Mild Body Pack

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Okay this can sound something we are really not familiar to but applying a body pack is equally important when it comes to baby skin care. To make the body pack, mix turmeric, sandalwood paste and saffron mixed with a bit of raw milk and apply all over the body. Keep it on for 15-20 minutes and then wash off.

Right bathing water temperature

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Always make sure that the water in which you baby is taking bath is lukewarm. Don’t make the little soul bath in very warm or cold water as it can darken the skin.


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Keeping baby’s skin moisturised and nourished is of utmost importance. Always use a good moisturiser to keep the skin supple. Also, apply the product three to four times a day to avoid any kind of dryness.


Sunbath is equally important when it comes to producing natural Vitamin D in the skin. It is mandatory to keep your baby out in the sun at morning but make sure to keep him in lukewarm water to avoid the sun damage. But never expose your baby to direct sunlight as it can make the skin dull.


Scrubbing your baby skin is also important as otherwise, it can cause accumulation of dead skin cells. Scrubbing once a month is tremendously important for that reason. But always remember to make one homemade scrub for your little one. To prepare a homemade scrub for your baby’s skin, mix chickpea powder, rose water, raw milk, and baby oil. Always rub really gently and then wash off.

Don’t use soaps

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It is not advisable to use harsh soaps on the baby skin which can lead to peeling and dryness. Using a mild baby soap that contains glycerin and some mild ingredients to clean baby skin without harming it much.

Baby Wipes

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Baby Wipes are an ultimate best friend to your baby’s delicate skin and so you should choose one very carefully. Choose a baby wipe that has glycerin and milk cream in it which will keep your baby skin soft and nourished.

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