10 Newborn Gifts You Can Think Of Gifting Parents

10 Newborn Gifts You Can Think Of Gifting Parents

This is just the right time to talk about this post as I am going to need all these ideas really soon as one of my close friend’s is expecting and is due in December.

When it comes to gift ideas nowadays it is very easy to make choices which suit our budget and the occasion but yes gifting something for a newborn to the new parents is surely challenging a s you cannot give something which is not at all useful for the newly born baby!

There are many of use who struggle with hundreds of gift choices for newborns but can’t settle on around 5-6 items finally and so I thought why not end the dilemma and search for some ideas which will benefit me too after a few months time! ๐Ÿ™‚

Diaper Bag-

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Well, this must not have been still covered by the parents as new born babies still need a good 2-3 months before going out anywhere which needs to shop for a baby bag or diaper bag! I am planning onto including this for sure for my friend!

Baby Clothes-

hopscotch haul+ winterwear for babies

There is nothing more adorable than a set of baby clothes. I practically start thinking to have a baby like real soon when I see so many cute clothes for newborn babies and toddlers! :-p

Make sure to go for a size that is slightly bigger as the new parents must have already stocked a number of clothes before the delivery itself! So adding to the heap is not going to help them! Buy for about 3-9 months sizes and gift different sets!

Baby Care Kits-

Health and grooming kit for baby+infant grooming baby kit

There are several baby care kits available from different brands which can also be gifted to the new parents as the baby is going to use these products on a daily basis and your gift will be quite useful for the new parents.

Baby quilts

quick dry sheet best sheet for bed wetting babies

Usually a new born baby is kept in an optimum temperature as they are very new to the atmosphere and any change in the surroundings may lead to cause discomfort or disease so a baby quilt can also be gifted which will come handy as the climate tends to become a little cooler and new parents don’t have to go shop for it!

Baby Bed Set-

rubber sheet for kids beds rubber sheets for babies rubber sheets for bed

One can also gift a baby wetting bed set for new parents as they can easily accommodate the new addition to the family without spoiling the mattress and struggling as to how to not disturb or crush the baby’s hand while sleeping! (especially for new fathers)

A baby album-

newborn photography (1)

This is going to be a memorable gift for the new parents. They will use the album in carefully storing the best moments and clicks of their newborn right from day 1 and will save it forever, so your gift becomes really special for them!

Baby Feeding bottles-

How I introduced bottle to a breast feeding baby

You can also gift feeding bottles for the newborn babies as parents will struggle to sterilize and re-use each bottle every single day and any addition to it will give them ample time to manage other baby related things!

A digital Camera-

A digital camera with recording facility is probably another great gift for newborn baby’s parents as they would love to have a new gadget and and will use it to click the newborn baby pictures and save the memories. All in all a happy gift for all the happy times!

Baby Carrier-

types of baby carrier

You can easily gift baby carrier for the new parents as they are going to need it after a few months when the bay can keep the head straight on its own! This is quite a useful gift and much easier to travel with in comparison to prams and strollers.


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If you think the new parents are into reading , then gift them baby related books on feeding and other common stuff which you think will help them is managing their life after baby’s arrival.

Hope you like these ideas!

Which one is your pick out of these?

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