10 Tips For Child Safety At Home|Child Care Safety Checklist

Have you made your home safe enough for your baby/toddler?

Babies do not need to be taught anything. With every growing time, they learn everything, wanted or unwanted. Mostly they get into all the unwanted doing. Child proofing everything in your home takes the priority, be it against the fashion statement of your decorated house.



Compiling some points out of my experience.


  •  In the latest style of construction, the sockets and switches are at an arms length from the floor. Especially in the bedrooms to be able to reach the switch board while you are still sleeping in your bed. This causes lot of attraction to you r crawling baby. I have made sure that every socket is covered with the socket protectors.


  • Choosing the loading style in your washing machine is very important. I was in my first trimester when I had to change my washing machine. I always preferred front loading washing machine since they came with water temperature setting. But with my baby entering our home very soon, I went for a top loading washing machine. I also opted for a child lock option for the controls.


  •  Rolling while in sleep is a common thing most babies and toddlers do. If you can afford the purchase of baby cribs or beds with rod fencing around the bed then well and good. Else, this is a short period in your life where you have to quit the comfort of a cot. Pull down your bed on to the floor and sleep with you baby. This way your baby can never fall off the cot.



  • Keep the floor clean. Most Indian houses have a stoned flooring, usually marble, granite, red oxide, tiles or mosaic. So, the entire plinth area of the house is not covered with carpet like those in western countries. I make sure I sweep and mop the floor twice a day. Babies crawl over the floor and usually have a tendency of stuffing their hands into their mouth, or toddlers just drop down any eateries to the floor and then proceed to pick and eat from the floor. This will definitely upset the stomach if the floor is not dust free. I do not suggest using those disinfectants or phenyl while moping. These are worst than the dust on the floor. I mop with just plain water.




  • Door safety is another important challenge. The closing of the door by a toddler usually ends in the door landing over the little fingers. I have inserted door mouse at the sides of all the internal doors. This prevents the door from shutting. These door mouse are not heavy on pocket, they are priced between Rs.100-200. Many toddler safety products are worth the purchase.


  • Do not leave the bath room door open for any reason. My daughter always waited for a chance. Leaving the bath room doors open can be tolerated to certain extent as long as you do not leave water in the bucket.


  • If your toddler learns to play with the door locking latches, then teach him/her the concept of latch-open and latch-lock. This will definitely come handy one fine day, I mean one naughty day.


  • For the refrigerator door open-close game of my daughter, I thought locking the door with the refrigerator key was the only solution. One fine day she herself stuck some paper pieces on the refrigerator door handle. This gave me an idea of sticking those magnetic cartoon stickers. It draws all her attention and reduced the door open-close game.


  • If you are the sole caretaker of your baby at home, then make sure the door lock of your home is always present with your hubby or some body out of your home at all and any point of time. This will make the access into your home easy if at all you are locked in your bathroom or bed room by your toddler. I never use any screwed latches to lock the main door of my house when I am alone with my daughter. My husband always has the automatic door lock with him.

There are so many aspects to think of, heat safety, fire safety, furniture safety, stair case safety, toys safety, accessories/stationaries safety, medicine safety.

Every passing minute involves lot of responsibilities, safety and caring for the child. Time teaches both the child and the care-taker everything.

So, now happy child rearing.

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  1. I really worry about these just can’t take these things for granted..u never know whats in store .

    • I missed the main important point. This just happened last week…. It is so likely to shop online these days., and the package comes with so many thermacol pieces. one tiny piece is enough to create havoc. My daughter inserted one small piece into her nose and it shot in….ooops… we were making ready to rush to hospital… she was crying due to the irritation in her nose; and luckily it came out since her nose was watering…. I keep everything out of reach… :(.. yet she manages to climb and grab whatever she wants..

  2. oh my ! i thought after 1 yr babies have some know how but its not true..they keep falling into trouble all the time.

  3. oh.. what a useful post… my nephew does every single thing written here.. including the thermocol…. awesome tips…

  4. Tis is very very useful for all of us..a friends kid is always on the floor touching it and then putting his hands in his mouth…the no phenyl thing is very useful..

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