100 Indian Baby Girls Names


Indian baby girl names

Selecting name for our baby began when I was in my last trimester. We had a great belief that we  would have a a baby girl… When we started with female names, every body popped a confused question towards me and my husband….”You already know it is a girl… !!??”. … No, we did not know. But yet our faith came  true.


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My hubby was adamant on naming our daughter as Neha. I was stuck to Avanni. Oooops… we have had so many arguments and fights on naming her…. And the list of choices would never end. Everyday resolving our fight, we would decide we will go with some other new name, and then by the end of the day both of us wanted our first choices to be finalized…, back to square one!!!…. I wonder if babies were given choices to name themselves… how would the situation be…!!!! I guess the trio(both parents and baby) fighting. :-P.

So finally, just the day before the traditional naming ceremony, we zeroed on ‘Bhoomika’…!!!! :-)…. You ask my daughter her name, she will hurriedly say ‘Bhooma’…. Ha ha ha ha….she named herself.


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Naming style:

There are several choices of names for we Indians….some related to all the deities we worship, some related to nature, some related to Indian classical music, some related to celestial stars, some related to Sanskrit shlok; there are numerous styles of naming.

And there are some parents who simply name their baby after their late grandparents or great grandparents. The belief is that the older generations had very good health and a long life span. Let the good wishes and prosperity be passed on to our little one too.

I had received few lists of names from my cousins and friends. Not everything were impressive. But I liked a few from all the lists. Here are a few I thought I would share. It might help new parents who are in search of names for their new born baby girl. :-).  I have tried to include the associated meaning (where ever I could find)  with the names too.

  1. Avanni (Earth)
  2. Amulya (Precious)
  3. Aabha (glowing)
  4. Aditi (Mother of Gods)
  5. Abhijaate (Well born lady)
  6. Annika (Name of Goddess Parvathi)
  7. Anagha (Name of Goddess Lakshmi)
  8. Abhinaya.
  9. Anandi (filled with joy)
  10. Alaka
  11. Bhuwana (Being)
  12. Bhavya
  13. Bhoomi (Earth)
  14. Bhoomika  (Mother Earth)
  15. Ballari (Creeper)
  16. Bhairavi (Name of Goddess Durga)
  17. Chandana (red sandalwood)
  18. Chaitra (one of the season named in the Indain way – chaitra maasa)
  19. Chitra (picture)
  20. Charvi (Beautiful)
  21. Chaaya (Shadow)
  22. Dhanya (Great)
  23. Deepika (light)
  24. Daakshayani (Goddess Durga)
  25. Daksha (Shiva’s wife)
  26. Dhaani (green)
  27. Dhathri (Earth)
  28. Dharani (Earth)
  29. Dhwani (music, sound)
  30. Divisha
  31. Eesha (Goddess parvathi)
  32. Eshana (Goddess Parvathi)
  33. Gagana (Sky)
  34. Gaana (Song)
  35. Gunjan
  36. Hamsa (Swan)
  37. Hamsini (goddess Saraswathi)
  38. Ila (Earth)
  39. Ira (Goddess Saraswathi)
  40. Janani
  41. Kadambari (Novel)
  42. Kanika
  43. Kanaka
  44. Karuna (mercy)
  45. Karunya
  46. Kaira (Princess)
  47. Kankana (bangle)
  48. Kusum (flower bud)
  49. Lekha (write)
  50. Lekhana
  51. Lochana
  52. Medha
  53. Megha (clouds)
  54. Meghana (clouds)
  55. Madhulika
  56. Madhura
  57. Manasi (woman)
  58. Manasa (thoughts)
  59. Mayuri
  60. Manvi
  61. Mukti (freedom)
  62. Mauna (silence)
  63. Medini (Earth)
  64. Nayana (eyes)
  65. Neha
  66. Nandana (Goddess Parvathi)
  67. Nanditha (Being happy)
  68. Niyathi (fate)
  69. Namana (bow)
  70. Nandi (Goddess Durga)
  71. Nandini (A hindu holi cow)
  72. Navami
  73. Nutana (very new)
  74. Neharika (Dew)
  75. Nesara (Sun)
  76. Nisarga (Nature)
  77. Nidhi (Wealth)
  78. Nethra (eyes)
  79. Omkari
  80. Priyam (loved)
  81. Prarthana (prayer)
  82. Paavana (made pure)
  83. Paavni (pure)
  84. Pankhuri (flower petals)
  85. Rachana
  86. Swara (Sound)
  87. Saakshi (proof)
  88. Saadhwi (powerful woman)
  89. Samhitha
  90. Shakthi (Goddess Parvathi)
  91. Snigdha
  92. Swarna (Gold)
  93. Tanmayi
  94. Tapaswini
  95. Tara
  96. Ujwala (brightened)
  97. Unnathi (Progress)
  98. Urvi (earth)
  99. Vaagdevi (Goddess Saraswathi)
  100. Yukthi

These have been my favorite from the time I had referred to the baby girl names list. I hope this is helpful. 🙂

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