11 Awesome Benefits Of Being Pregnant

Before I bid adieu to  the most amazing experience of my life, I really want to do this post. Inspite of going through all the morning sickness, fatigue and reduction in productivity, I never even doubted my decision of getting pregnant at this age. The reason being – when I was diagnosed with PCOS, I was really worried about pregnancy – I dreaded the long wait and treatment and wanted to be healthy and pregnant as soon as possible. In fact, whenever I used to see/meet my friends who have babies or were expecting, it used to even strengthen my desire. Besides this, there are a  lot of benefits which I’d like to put in front of you –

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Thas me in my end trimester :D..aah! i look like a burger 🙁


amazing benefits of being pregnant


1. First of all, the moment you are pregnant, attitude of people around you changes a lot. Suddenly, they’re very concerned about you and express even more joy and excitement (especially the elderly) towards your pregnancy, than even yourself.

2. Having struggled with keeping weight under control sofar in my life, it was the first time my doctor actually asked me ‘Why am I not gaining weight :)’ … I could enjoy eating all my favorite dishes without guilt, which still did not increase my weight … ah heaven ! What else does a foodie ask for?

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3. You can express anything to anyone you don’t like, and then term it as mood swing 😉 … I myself did this couple of times and was forgiven immediately, which is impossible to do otherwise.

4. I enjoyed the endless cribbing which everyone around me listened, without getting bored, and tried to pacify my slightest of worries.

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5. As my bump got apparent, I started getting special preference in public places – for instance people offering chairs in a busy restaurant or allowing me to by pass a long queue. As time passed, I myself started asking for getting my task done out of turn, asap.

6. Even at 2 am in night, you can ask your hubby for foot massage, head massage, shoulder massage – and you’ll get ’em all without the least sign of annoyance. (I’m sure it is there deep inside, but just can’t come out this time :D)

7. The second trimester is the best, when you’ve minimum health problems, your skin is glowing, and people start congratulating you for your bump, and you’re also more confident about your pregnancy (lesser chances of miscarriage), and is the only period during pregnancy when you can get slightly intimate with your partner comfortably 😛

8. The first sensation of butterflies in your tummy, the first kick, the first movements – which only you in the world can feel, while your  hubby can only hear / guess from your expressions – makes you feel awesome and really blessed being a woman!

9. Welcome to lazy woman world – you can skip your office / your work, you can doze off any time and no one will stop you or question you :).

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10. Is it a Boy or a Girl – The Pink(y) or the Blue(Billoo) – the urge to ask the doctor about it makes you go crazy, you keep on thinking of it whole your pregnancy. In fact, I’m just a few days due, I still wanna know right now, what it is 🙂

11.Not to forget surprise gifts and baby shower which gives that special feeling 🙂

Now that I’m waiting for the baby to arrive, I’m surely going to miss the undue attention around me. My friends say I’ll even miss the bump, even when I have the  baby itself in my hands. I’ll miss the kicks and all the free time which I spent with my husband, knowing fully that now on, it’s going to be the 3 (and not 2) of us 🙂

If you have experienced pregnancy then do let us know what benefits did you enjoy of being pregnant 🙂


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  1. Upasana says:

    lol ur exp.makes me feel like getting married asap n have a baby 😀 😀

  2. lolz…i love being married..:D after all i have a person who i can irritate all the time :rotfl:

  3. this is suchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh a nice read and i agree with you on all the points .. especially when you show tantrums … i have seen this , i mean experienced this in your case hahahah 😀 😀 …

    but nevertheless i am sooooo excited about your pregnancy ana … yest i saw this ad where lady is pregnant and she was having some food ( its new ad ) and suddenly baby kicked and i was likeeeee my eyes were num thinking about you .. how you are looking and how you are feeling …

    it is the only thing which women can feel proud of i guess … 😀 :d
    giving birth … having baby is the best thing .. it suddenly changes your whole perspective to see things .. you are more emotional … at the same time more strong … more responsible 😀
    i am looking forward for new ana in coming days XOXO 😀
    wish you good luck dear and all the best for you pregnancy 😀

  4. This is such a heardfelt post A….made me get all senti..

    Pata hai, u shud write a letter to Pintoo…kinda writing how much u guys want him and what this initial 9mts were will b like a timeshare kinda thing when u givwe it to Pintoo to read later in life 🙂

    • Pradnyaa says:

      yeah letter is such a nice idea.. i had written a few and i’ll show my lil one when she grows up 🙂

    • i second that Zara…write small notes for chunmun..about how you felt when you were carrying her…I have this very strong feeling that it will be her….give her one note for her birthday, of course when she learns to read…she will cherish them for her life…Your post made my eyes wet…I don’t know why….

      And I want to pull your cheeks in that picture..looking sooooooooooooooo cute…

  5. loved reading.. all ur points r really v true.. photos take during 2nd trim were the best of my entire life, my skin had so much glow.. 🙂 wish u a safe delivery and a lovely pinky or billoo soon (as u say.. )

  6. Pradnyaa says:

    Wow.. nice post Ana.. while reading I absolutely felt like I did towards to end of my term
    I still miss being preggo 🙂 its an experience every woman should have at least once in their life, and something that men just miss – too bad
    Once the baby is out there, in your arms, looking into your eyes, that moment the whole world turns upside down. And every thing – every little thing changes…
    The attachment towards the baby, this love is something that we have never experienced before.
    ok, am too senti . shud stop 🙂

  7. yeah being a pregnant is a most wonderful thing of the world. I have been enjoying inspite of some discomforts. Every moment is precious. waiting and then experiencing baby movement. every visit of Dr. ultrasound image of ur growing baby. sometimes unbelieveness that u r carrying life inside you. As u said Anamika I am sure that I would feel strange without baby kicks after delievery

  8. OMG..I can relate to all of this as if I’ve written the whole post 🙂
    Ana this post of urs surpasses all the makeup n fashion related posts any of us have ever written 🙂
    In my case the pregnancy n the birth of my now 3.5 yr old brat was a comfortable and lovely experience.
    Never puked,no cramps,no hatred towards any particular food..just the 8th n 9th months were a lil’ uncomfy but nothing big 🙂
    And I fully agree with ur last line..the *u & me time* becomes *our time* 🙂
    All the best..may u pop the baby out in the easiest possible manner 😛

  9. This is such great post, I am in a baby admire phase, where I see small kids and go all aww,such small fingers, and imagine how would a miniture divya or My Mr. K would look like and its gives goose bumps 🙂 (Sometimes)

  10. Revathy says:

    cutie cute post 🙂

  11. Hey I just got to know about you being a PCOS patient through ur previous post. I wanted to ask you one thing. I am also having PCOS and I have heard that it is really tough for these patients to conceive and all.. Well before moving further, congrats for ur pregnancy and can u plz throw sm light on this as i m really tensed abt this. I m 5 ft 3 in and I weigh around 60-61 kg. My gynaec hs asked me to reduce weight n hs put me on contraceptive pills. I have heard ppl complaining abt this disease n almost everyone hs told me tht such persons can get diabetes later on n its really tough for them to get pregnant.. is it really so? n if u dnt mind me asking can u tell me tht ws it tough or ok kind of for you to get conceived easily? I m sorry for trespassing in ur personal life.. bt hope u undrstnd my anxiety. 🙂 Anyway all the best for ur soon-to-be-coming-baby.. stay blessed! 😀

    • hey sehar, same pinch.. hahaha.. i have pcos too. first up i am not pregnant. but hoping to be.. but yes i hear its a long wait.. so ana pls reply or do a post on pcos and pregnancy.
      also sehar one major thing for ppl like us is to keep our weight down, and keep moving. exercising, just walking. as u knw it is tougher for us to lose weight. so it is all about eating carefully and working out every chance we get.. ignoring our weight will mean a sure way to get diabetes. as someone who works hard to keep my weight in check is to eat as frequently as possible.

      also probably this is a personal question, but it happened to me, for a long time the doctors just gave me medicines based on my sonography reports. ideally they shud also check for hormones, the TSH tests etc. because one, they can then prescribe hormones that suit you better, and two make sure about the severity. sadly most doctors skip these tests, they feel they are extravagant. so do check with your doctor about these tests,if not already done.

      • I will surely work on this post once pintoo comes out 🙂 i will right now say that believe in you self and wok towards it .there r so so many cases where women have conceived with little bit of determination.

        • hey thanks ana. i knw u dont need ne one saying this, but hang in there girl and enjoy the extended pamper time.. btw pintoo is such a cute name. i call one of my frnds whose surname is pinto , pintukli.. hahaha

  12. Icequeen81 says:

    hehehe sound like you are having a blast 😀
    nice post 🙂

  13. This is such a sweet post..
    I’m a kinda person who is scared to get pregnant coz the thot of heavy tummies n painful delivery process hav always frightened me…
    But u hav showed that pregnancy is not just worries n pain, but it is a wonderful,precious exp of carrying a life inside us..
    Thank u so much Ana fr giving confidence to girls lyk me 🙂 🙂

  14. awwwwwwwwwwwwwww………

  15. Hi anamika ,
    very nice writing .God bless you and I want to nice baby asap he or she will be gugglo baby .

  16. Arpita Tiwary says:

    This post is too cute :happydance: 🙂

  17. awww..ur so right..being pregnant is such a special experience..especially the part where you get pampered silly n everyone listens to even your stupidest complaints..I miss being pregnant too but being a mommy is oh such a sweet experience…I thank God for making me one 🙂

  18. Navneet Thethi says:

    Fabulous post Ana,It made me recall my pregnancy days.N u kno wat i am thinking of getting preggie…2nd time.hope to give u all the news soon 🙂

  19. truly, having a baby is such a blessing! I saw it happen to my mother (and, being 10, I was old enough to understand what was going on!) and I thought… one day, I will do something similar, and I even named by babies. :D.
    I hope to find someone to make those babies with!

  20. Beautiful post !!! u r looking very cute Anamika

  21. Aaawww such alovely read Ana! Enjoyed it and i think anyone who reads it would wanna have baby right away 😀 its the most beautiful thing to ever happen to a woman 🙂 god bless you!

  22. Navneet Thethi says:

    Fabulous post Ana,It made me recall my pregnancy days.N u kno wat i am thinking of getting preggie…2nd time.hope to give u all the news soon

  23. hey anamika
    really a very nice post…

  24. Awwwwwwwww Ana. 🙂 Thats such a heartfelt read. I feel like having a baby right now as Pari mentioned. 🙂 Now that the day is nearing i wait everyday to hear the news u know. 😀 Have a safe delivery and god bless you 3 . 🙂 :*

  25. haha…so true about all the benefits…heard that first trimester is the most difficult phase!!!

  26. Arpita Tiwary says:

    My comment in Mooderazion …. 🙁

  27. that was so cute.. congratulations and hope u have an easy delivery.. hope to see the young one soon 🙂

  28. hey ana, all the best with the baby or baba as they say . ahahahah wink wink.. very nice and sweet post about babies and the pregnancy experience.. lotsa love to the new comer into the family in advance.

  29. you know Ana, on 5th, one of my friend’s bhabhi delivered a baby boy and I was thinking about you coz even you are pretty close to the date!!! and, I remember you talked about false alarms then my friend exaplined me the difference between false contractions and the real labour pain!!!

  30. AWWWW Anu this is such a sweet and INSPIRATIONAL post 🙂

  31. hey ana.. patience patience…. i hope you get your labor pains today itself..
    we are all waiting for the pics of the baby.
    have a safe and easy delivery. all our prayers and good wishes are with you.

  32. Suparna says:

    Lovely post Ana and i want to thank U and all u wonderful women for sharing ur thoughts and uplifting my spirits in the right direction to conceive…Been married 5 yrs and was never convinced to get a third person between us!!! Yes these were my thoughts. But thanks to all of u, now I strongly feel the need to have a bundle of joy and tons of responsibility in my life….Wish I could HUG all of u right now…sniff…sniff…

    • suparna its the most amazing feelin on earth.. after the baby u’l kick ur husband if he does even slightest o a mistake coz o ignorance… life rely feels complete n worth al the pain… trust me.. i have a 10month old n i’l do anything to make sure he’s ok.. n every action o his makes me so happy… i run home from work coz he comes running to me n wont want to go to any1 after that… its a lovely feeling… good luck… :))

  33. congrats and all the best

  34. Hi Anamika 🙂

    Congratulations!! I have been following your blogs for so long now! It was so nice to read all these articles. I also have a question on PCOS. I am also diagnosed with it and am trying to conceive. Can you please write a post on how it hard/easy it was for you? If there was anything specific you did please do tell us, it will benefit many girls reading your blogs.

    Thank you so much:)

  35. Anamika Goswami says:

    I kept smiling during this read. M married and nw planning for child.. Ur Words r giving me strength. 🙂

  36. Congrats anamika for ur baby, just saw ur blog, it is nice

  37. Aww this is such an amazing experience which can ever happen to a girl, take care Ana and God bless you, have a safe delivery 🙂

  38. Anamika that was so cute post, i loved reading it:D

  39. @Nausheen ..thanks ..its quite a nostalgic post i tell you 🙂

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