4 Tips For Caring Baby Scars

4 Tips for caring for baby scars Female Cialis online

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Often your little one may hurt him with the result that a big or small scar might be left on his skin. As a mom, apart from baby care, you have to attend to countless household chores and the moment your attention from your babe wavers, the naughty restless kid, is up for his naughtiness, goes and bumps into things or might be that while running about the house, he slips and falls, and the result is a wound and subsequent scarring. If the wound is unmanageable at home, definitely your baby has to be rushed to the nearby hospital or clinic to get his sutures. But if it’s not that major, it can even be treated at home. If your baby gets hurt however, no matter how minor the wound might be, that would of course leave you impatient because nothing in this world is as precious to a mom as her child and if your child’s skin gets bruised and resultantly scarring occurs on his delicate otherwise flawless skin, you as a mom would be terribly pained and find the sight quite unbearable.


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You would obviously be desperate to know how to care for your babe’s scars. Well, in this post, I would share with you all some of the remedies that I had applied on my kid when he badly scarred his left arm and they really worked. Just read on.

  1. Application of Sunscreen Lotion on your Baby’s scar generously and regularly is one way of managing it. This will make the scar less reactive to the Ultra-violet radiation of the sun and gradually the scar will lighten. You can consult the Pediatrician and get a medicated sunscreen lotion prescribed for your baby’s scar treatment. Even some Over-the-Counter Sunscreen Ointment or lotions of some of the reputed brands could serve the same purpose
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  3. Application of Aquaphor or petroleum jelly on the wound to keep it wet always will expedite healthy healing and less scarring. And you need to cover the wound with sterilized gauze or bandage that need to be changed 2 times daily. This will reduce the risk of bad scarring. Post healing massaging the area is important as it improves blood circulation and lightens the scar further.
  4. If the wound has dried up, got a scab, then you can apply this remedy that works very well. The scab would come off easily. All you need to do is put a hypoallergenic paper tape perpendicular to the position of your babe’s wound. Keep it like that for at least 2 months or so. That would allow the edges of the scar that has been left by the wound to stay closely locked for the long span of 2 months which will eventually make the scar disappear.
  5. Covering your babe’s scar with Gel silicone sheet and massaging the scar twice daily with a scar removal lotion prescribed by the pediatrician is also one great remedy for lightening your baby’s scars.

So these are 4 great tips on how you should care ideally for your baby’s scars. However taking the pediatrician’s advice before starting any self-treatment on the kid is important. This is because, it’s after all, a kid, a little one; the apple of your eyes and you just cannot dare to take any chances when it comes to anything related to your babe.

Did you find these baby scar fading tips useful?

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