40th Week Of Pregnancy

If you thought that by now I must be in labor then you are wrong :D. It’s kind of frustrating because I have been waiting for the baby arrival since past three weeks. Now, every one around is telling me that first time mom is expected to go late and its completely normal.Oh yaa! Damn! then why were you telling me the other things before :P. Right now,  I don even feel like talking to anyone who wants to pour in advise or pick up any calls .It’s not a good feeling at all and poor K is taking it all the truck load of cribbing .I keep telling him “Honey! Why don’t you do  the baby popping part from my side ” and he just smiles away.

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40th week pregnancy symptoms




40th week Pregnancy Symptoms:-


  • There is less kicking and more of rolling around and I am having these OMG! kind of discomforts and right now I can cry at the drop of a hat.I am so so sensitive right now that its difficult to explain.
  • There is discomfort in the pelvic area , back ache , heaviness, swealling, breathing problem , swollen feet(or I should say elephant feet 😛 ) .I don visit bathroom that often as the baby is still up and refusing to come down .I keep telling the baby ” Hey! Your mom is so damn active why are you acting like your Daddy! ‘ because of this reason i am still facing breathing discomfort.
  • Baby is  aound 3.5 kgs.OMG! OMG! Such a big thing how will I do it..Yes! I can (as if I have option 😛 )
  • Oh ! I also forgot to tell you that my blood pressure too has shot up a bit so I need to relax myself up and though I want to have my last bite of Pizza/Burger before I start calculating calories again I can’t,  because I need minimal intake of salt.
  • There are all the discomforts but no sign of labor and that is water breaking or progressing contractions or bleeding.
I am so going to plead /beg my doctor to induce me now as I can not wait any more. Hopefully when you read this post I am into labor. It’s so funny that the pain which I have  been dreading for so long is the only thing which I want the most right now.
By the way!Before I go into labor I am planning to  iron my hair and use long lasting hot pink lipstick shade so that I look pretty in labor 😀
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  1. Hey Anamika, I hope you and Kapil get your bundle of joy soon !!! God bless 🙂 We are all eagerly awaiting the good news !!!

  2. Dont ask induction as long as the doctor prescribes you induction.

    Am not gonna scare you with “why no asking induction”.

    Go with the flow. Its just days away.

  3. You reminded me of my days 🙂 seriously this is the time when you cant wait any more 🙂
    All the best to you Anamika 🙂

  4. Upasana says:

    yayayayayayaayayaya !! 😀 D:

  5. awww baby everything will be fine… u be calm..soon u will have a bundle of joy in ur arms… muahhhh.. hugsss 🙂

  6. awww sweetie.. i surely cant say that i can understand u but still.. hopefully u not getting miserable.. my birthday is in 2 days.. the baby and i r sure to share the same sun sign 😀
    hope everything is smooth and the baby is as cute as u r.. good luck babe

  7. Scares me…but i’m sure its all worth it once you see what you got into the world 🙂

  8. Hi ,
    dnt worry every thing will ok .God is taking care and sitting besides u all time .
    Just Be relex everything will be so smooth and u will feel to be woman soon .
    God bless both of you 🙂
    take care.

  9. Oh God I totally know how you feel but its ok sweetie..ab bas thode din aur and u will have the bundle of joy in ur hands…am so glad the baby’s weight is good …BTW the mummy active and daddy lazy comment is so hilarious…n hot pink lipstick is a good idea :)..don’t ask doctor to induce… believe me the natural delivery cramps is something you would definitely want to experience..

  10. Love you sweetie, its so brave to pen down something under such mood swings… but there is nothing that A can’t do :-* Love you
    Take care 🙂

  11. I just hope chunmun arrives soon and today itself…take care darling…I will pray that your labour is very quick….the hot pink lipstick will do wonders when get your pics clicked with chunmun..:-D

  12. i just hope you are in labor right away coz u haven’t replied to any of the comments yet 😀

  13. Best wishes Ana ! Hope everything will be smooth :), the last bit was cute, pink lippy and ironed hairs :), well u’ll just look great even without these 🙂

  14. Navneet Thethi says:

    take care Ana.Lots of love …to u n the baby.

  15. lots of love to u Ana 🙂 really u r a wonder!! managing to write down everything even wen u r in such discomfort.. Baby will be more than worth it sweetie..

    Good luck for the delivery.. our prayers are always with u dearie.. mwaah

  16. not seen a single response from u on the comments …. hope you are in the labor now …. wow I am scared+happy+confused all rolled into one …. all the best to you and to your DAUGHTER 🙂

  17. niveditha says:

    god be ther wid u wishes from me.

  18. Icequeen81 says:

    good luck with everything

  19. tanveer says:

    All the best A!! God bless!!

  20. I totally get it! You know I delivered on dot on my due date – 40th week… it gets very restless.. but everything is gona be fineee 🙂 good luck ::)

  21. Revathy says:


    it takes a lot of guts & will.. to sit down & pen a post for the rest of the world.. at such circumstances!!!
    u just accomplished tat babe!!! 😀

    may be the kiddo wants to share its birthday with me??!!! itna pyar hai with this maasi!! 😀

    ALL THE VERY BEST!!! 🙂 u r a bravo.. u r gonna get the cutest baby ever soon in ur arms.. kicking n pissing… keeping u totally busy… 😀

  22. All the best Ana 🙂 Take care..

  23. oh Anamika, you can do it dear, everything will be alright, our love and prayers are with you.
    Waiting for the goodnews, possibly twins hehe.

  24. where is my comment gone ???

  25. everything wud be okay..lot of people are praying for you.
    take care sweetheart!

  26. lol… poor u… hahahaha… exactly how i used to feel…

  27. wow. Ana, u’v carried for 10 straight months now….whew! hopw u have a safe and happy delivery and hope chunmun arrives healthy, normal, kicking and crying.

  28. u wanna luk pretty in labor (pink lipstick)…. 😀 how funny… bt best wishes… we r waiting to hear frm u..

  29. Arpita Tiwary says:

    Take care Anamika ji 🙂 Being pregnant is an awesome experience ^_^ I am sure you’ll miss it…….Take care of baby wise she/he ^_^_^_^_^_^_^ ♥ ♥

  30. hey anamika where are u?

  31. Pics post karo na :((((

  32. I saw this blog just in time!!!!!!

    Take care Anamika, Hope everything goes extremely well , yaaaay so happy for you 🙂
    what a happy blog this is 🙂

  33. thanks every one! i got nostalgic and thought of reading this post and found all of your comments..thanks so much who all wished me although my delivery was not as what i had planned but its all over..i have left the pain behind and enjoying my life with my baby 🙂

    thank u so so much 🙂

  34. Neha Krishnan says:

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