5 Books For One Year Old Babies

One Year Old Baby Books:-

In my effort to develop reading habit in my baby, I started reading to her when she was 4-5 months old. Now she has developed this peculiar habit where she wants me to read aloud and goes away exploring the world. When she comes back if she  finds me not reading she gives me the book and ask me to read…It’s funny as well as  irritating some time as I want her to read with me.

I am now kind of obsessed with buying books. It completely rejuvenates me when I buy a book for her. This time I got From head to toe and Mr Brown can Moo book for her. Mr brown can is  hardcover and costs INR 50 and Head to toe is  paper back which costs 250.

one year old baby books from head to toe

My daughter liked Mr Brown can Moo.. I generally read to her this when she is having milk and is about to sleep. Book tries to teach the various sounds which animals make ..Its fun reading them aloud and seeing her stare at me in amazement.

my brown can moo

I generally like to act and read aloud to her and Head to toe book is something which can even shame my workout. It tries to teach the toddler if they can move various body parts like animals .Like waving arms like a monkey, clap hands like a seal. Quite an interesting book but my daughter needs to be grow up little more to understand this one..

I have a habit of getting books, clothes and things one or two month ahead her age so that by the time she reaches that age she can do things with ease.

from head to toe one year old baby books

I am planning to buy few more books for one year old from flipkart which are as follows.. Just in case  if you are interested.

Wheels on the Bus – This one is a popular bus song which has been brought to life in the form of pictures .Price – INR 276.You can buy from here 

one year old book+wheels on the bus

The Going to Bed Book – This one  is available at 50% discount on flipkart right now.

going to bed book

And last but not the least – Barnyard Dance – It’s an expensive book but one of my friend daughter is fond of it so I included it in my wish list. Available on flipkart here 

Barnyad dance +books for one year old

Does your child have any favourite book ? If yes then do let us know in the comments 🙂

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  1. so cute! i love baby books!!! i saw some cute cloth books online too 😀

  2. M sooo buying these!!

  3. yes yes, cultivating good reading habits starts from 6 months of age…i started with books containing pictures of birds, animals, 123 etc for my daughter. I also got a book as a gift in which a button was there which when pressed makes out sound of animals in every page…this is how she learnt meow, bhow-bhow, hambaaa…and all… for the very 1st time…
    and ya, sometimes it becomes quite irritating for me too when am doing something else and she is nagging with a book in her hand to read it for her!! lol…

  4. HAHAH..Yaa it irritating but u feel good that your baby is learning something and have interest in too..Do let me know that sound book.I would love to make my baby learn all these animal sounds..Right now she only know the cat sound 😛

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