5 Breast Pumps You Can Buy In India – Reader Question

Mohini asks,

Mohini asks

Hi Baby Wise She Team-

I  am a mother of three month old and I have to return to work in few days.I am interested in exclusively breastfeeding my baby and I am looking for a good pumping machine .Can you please recommend the best one available in India

Hi Mohini

Motherhood demands lot of help in various forms and and there are so many brands that assists a new mother and her new born . One of the products that a new mom will definitely feel handy is the breast pump. In India the breast pumps are not extensively used by new mothers. This could be due to the lack of knowledge or rather we are just ignorant about it .I am glad that you are thinking of breast feeding of your baby even after joining work rather than choosing the bottle option.

Here is a list of easily available breast pumps in India. The list is all of electric pumps hope they help 🙂

You can also read a detail review

MeeMee Breast Pump Electric   – 

Price – Rs. 4995

MeeMee Breast Pump - Electric

 Chicco Portable Electric Breast Pump  – Price: Rs. 8499

Chicco Portable Electric Breast Pump - Electric

Buy Farlin Electric Breast Pump Kit  – Price: Rs.2995

Farlin Electric Breast Pump Kit - Single Electric

Nuby Natural Touch Electric Breast Pump Set – Price: Rs.6895 – 

There is one more variety in Nucy Natural touch electric breast pump sets which cost INR 8373  called as Nuby Rhythm Dual Action Electric breast pump and sterlizer kit.You can buy it from flipkart here


Nuby Natural Touch Electric Breast Pump Set

Pigeon Silent Electric Breast Pump  – Price: Rs.2500 

Pigeon Electric Breast Pump & Feeding Set

Do let us know if you think there are more breast pumps to be added in the above  list

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  1. wow thanks i too wanted this info 🙂

  2. Glad 🙂 Which one do you think will be good for you ?

  3. Chicco or pigeon.. but chicco is quite expensive na. I ve heard awesome reviews about medela pump but they cost a bump :/

  4. Bomb*

    • :rotfl::rotfl: This was so funny :))

      Yup! these are costly but if you are a working mom or a mom who is fond of going out and have decided to breastfeed her baby then this is really going to hel you out.

      • Hehe i am always funny.. :p :p
        Ya i will get one for sure even though i am not working. I am super happy to be at home. I ll get it to pump the excess or for exceptional times when i cant feed. Hubby cant feed too then 🙂 i ll probably get pigeon in tht case if u guys dont end up convincing me for another brand 😀

  5. See aajkal bump hi dimaag mein chal ra hai. Tomo i am gonna get a massive belly..bad stretch pains today!

  6. I had the avent manual one n then bought medela electric wala..I had supply probs but I loved the medela one…made life much easier..

  7. Hi,

    This is quite a hnd post. My kid is 6 now and at that time I was desperately looking for some information like this. Quite useful.

    I had got one pump for INR 2500 (yes, i chose the cheapest one) but was very pissed of with it. It worked good for few weeks and later I was tired of using it. For all those who are looking for it, (especially for working moms it is a must have) pls invest in it and get a good one. dont just go be pricing but by quality. It will surely costs than baby milk powder!!

  8. Hii Zara, did using breast pump increase ur milk flow?

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