5 Fun Mango Recipes To Prepare With Your Kids

5 Fun Mango Recipes To Prepare With Your Kids

So, its the mango season going on and one cannot get enough of mangoes be it kids or adults! Mango is a great fruit which kids really love during the season and also enjoy various desserts and drinks comprising of yummy mangoes as the main ingredient.

Mango Dessert for kids

Well, there are so many ways of eating this fruit during summers but as kids like there own version of fruits and are sometimes quite picky about certain food, we thought of coming up with some ideas in which you can indulge your kid into making sum fun recipes with mango and have them!

Kids love to do things on their won and when they are a part of the cooking act they even love having the food which was made with their help. It is just out of curiosity as to what it tastes like preparing their own recipe!

So lets have a look at some of the interesting fun recipes which mothers can prepare along with their kids!

Mango Cubes-

This is quite a simple recipe as one needs to just blend the mango pulp with sufficient amount of milk / water and pour it in a clean dry ice tray. Pour the mango pulp mixture in the ice tray and place a toothpick or an ice cream stick and freeze!

Okay don’t let them check it again & again! After about 30-40 minutes take out the ice tray and your mango ice ubes re ready to be enjoyed by the kids!

Mango Fruit Cream-

mango recipe toddlers

This is yet another interesting recipe which can be prepared with the kids which they would love to have any given day. Take some fruits like banana, pomegranate, mango etc and cut them into small pieces with them. A these are soft fruits they can be easily cut with a butter knife as well so that the kids don’t injure themselves.

Mix all the fruits together in a bowl and pour in rich cream and mix well. Refrigerate the mixture and after sometime serve it to them. It will taste yummier to them without creating any mess.

Mango Lassi-

Another yummy recipe which kids can help you in the kitchen is preparing Mango Lassi. There are only few ingredients required for this like plain yoghurt, peeled ripe mango and sugar. Just blend all of it together and pour it into your kid’s favorite tumbler or juice glass! They will absolutely love it.

Mango Pulp with Ice cream-

An absolute favorite with kids is ice cream and one can allow them to indulge in the dessert once in a while so cut some mango slices into small pieces and put them all over your kid’s favorite ice cream. They will enjoy both of the yummy ingredients and also help you out in peeling and cutting the mango slices.

Mango Shake-

mango and fruit smoothie for babies

The easiest and yummy recipe to make with kids is to prepare mango shake. Ask your kids to blend together chilled milk, ice cubes, and mango pulp in a blender under your supervision and pour in the juice glasses for everyone else. They will surely love making it for everybody in the family and will enjoy themselves.

Hope you like these fun recipes to prepare with mangoes!

Have you tried any of these mango recipes?

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