5 Great Milk Recipes For Kids

How did you fare in the job of drinking milk when you were a child?? Fussy or a good child. If you were a milk fussy child, then I am sure your great mother must have invented ways to make you drink a glass of milk in your routine. So is my turn now. I have to alter the taste of milk for my daughter to gulp her share of milk everyday.

Some how time and situation has taught me to use my common senses.  Below are some of the flavors I add to the milk for my daughter.

Boiled Carrot In Milk 

One medium sized carrot to be boiled in pressure cooker. To the blender; add the boiled carrot pieces, half spoon sugar, and some water and make a fine paste.  Take care not to add too much of water, else the mixture will become very runny. Now add warm milk to the carrot paste, sprinkle some elaichi powder. There is the added flavor of carrot in the milk.

carrot milk recipe+baby foods

Soaked Dates In Milk :-

Dates Milk shake is a popular drink for adults too. There is no way a toddler can refuse this rich taste of dates. :-).

Soak 3-4 dates in drinking water for about 4 hours.  When the dates become soft, put into blender and make a fine paste.  The taste of the dates paste is so sweetening that it does not require any amount of sugar while blending. I add just one spoon of this paste to one glass of milk for my daughter.

There are so many brands in the market that provide date syrup. But I am not comfortable with the ready made syrups (for my daughter) which always show an expiry date in its pack.

There is lot of satisfaction when you make everything on your own, that too for your baby.

Apple In Milk

Apple milk shake is another option for altering the plain taste of the milk.

Peel the apple and make a fine paste of the apple pieces with little water in the blender. Add 4-5 spoons of apple paste to the milk. I do not add any sugar for this milk drink. The taste of apple is alone sufficient for the added flavor in the milk. Boiling of apple is also not necessary.

But, apple has to be selected carefully. There are some very juicy apples with some light hint of sour in them. Such apples do not go well with milk.  Apples that are less juicy and easily smash able by hands are the best ones for mixing with milk.

apple milk recipe+baby food recipes

Soaked almonds In Milk:-

Soaked almonds are said to be very good for health. And they give a very unique and different taste.

Overnight soaking of 3-4 almonds is required for this particular milk drink. Make a fine paste of the soaked almond. Just one spoon of this paste is sufficient.

Also adding jagery syrup to the almond- milk drink adds that extra taste. For the jagery syrup, in one cup water drop a lemon sized jagery and heat over low flame.  Heat till jagery dissolves and forms thin syrup. This syrup can be refrigerated for later use.

Add half spoon of this jagery syrup along with the soaked almonds paste. Your child’s milk drink is ready with a great taste.

Dry Almond powder In milk:-

This is super easy milk drink. Take about a fistful of almonds, some sugar and elaichi pods in the dry jar mixer. Make fine powder of everything. Store this in an air tight container.

Now, for the milk, take about one spoon of this dry powder and add to one glass on milk and boil for about 3-4 minutes. The milk drink is ready.

almond milk recipe+homemade baby food

I keep shuffling with the milk drinks for my daughter. The plain milk is simply refused, where as the flavored milk goes straight in without any problem.

I hope this was interesting. Any more ideas you have tried for flavoring the milk for your child. Please share.

How do you make your child drink milk ?

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  1. touch wood ! My baby is ok with the milk right now ..but i have heard babies getting really fussy afterwards..hopefully i wont need these recipe and she will be fond of milk..lolz

  2. prerna sarkar says:

    i breast fed my daughter full 1 yr…now when i want her to start with cow’s milk, she rejects it!
    so i mix a cup of milk instead of water when making veg khichdi for her…and sometimes in veg soup too instead of water, and she hv it without any fuss.

  3. prerna sarkar says:

    just saw your query….actually i breast fed her exclusively for 5 months, then started with fruit juices, and from 6 month breast milk, fruits and solids like cereal, pulses,easy to digest veggies. I used nan (formula) while making porridge b’fast for her but never gave her formula to drink in bottle. I had a heavy milk flow that time and used to feel to feed raima more often. But now i feel i should hv weaned her to bottle coz now she is sooo addicted, she can’t fall asleep without b’milk!! now when i want her to hv cow’s milk she refuses the bottle,starst to play with it…so i make custard / flavored curd / cottage cheese out of 1 glass full cream milk and feed her in intervals throughout the day..

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