5 Toddler Hair Care Products


5 Toddler Hair Care Products

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Looks like time is running very fast, we are heading towards the end of February, imagine two months already over of 2015.

Well today I am here to share 5 must try toddler hair care products. A toddler hair care regime is not very intensive and does not involve many hair care products, just a good shampoo and good hair oil does the trick for toddlers. Often usage of natural oils especially olive oil is very common but what about the hair shampoos?

Natural oils for toddlers’ hair care prove to be the best but one needs to be cautious while choosing hair shampoos for toddlers and babies. We here on babypregnancycare have some great hair shampoos reviewed for toddlers which can help you choose the best, have a look.

Chicco No-tears Shampoo


Chicco No tears Shampoo Review+chicco products

Price: Rs.149 for 200 ml.

Chicco needs no introduction for baby and toddler care products. This shampoo from chicco is a thin gel like liquid which forms quite a lot of lather with just a little and cleans scalp & hair really well. It leaves behind no soapy residue and there is no further need of second hair wash. These are free from Parabens which gives more plus points to this shampoo.

Mothercare All We Know Baby Shampoo


Mothercare All We Know Baby Shampoo

Price: Rs.299 for 300ml

This shampoo by mothercare has a very soft smell and is suitable for use for the babies from birth. This shampoo has olive oil and soothing chamomile that helps to maintain the softness of the hair and moisturizes the scalp. The shampoo makes good lathery foam and cleanses the hair really well. A very small sized drop of this shampoo is enough for the baby head bath. This is also useful to take off all the dirt and grin from the hair. It doesn’t itch or cause any harm on the scalp.

Mee Mee Mild Baby Shampoo


Me me mild baby shampoo review

Price: Rs. 249 for 500 ml.

It’s an organic shampoo with olive fruit oil, natural extracts and Matricaria flower extract and can be used on new born as well. Shampoo is a clear liquid which is neither too thick nor thin in consistency. It lathers well and a little product is enough for each usage. It is really mild and gently cleanses the scalp. It leaves a delicate mild fragrance in baby’s hair and never stings baby’s eyes.

Loreal Kids Tropical Mango Shampoo


Loreal Kids Tropical Mango Shampoo

Price: £ 3

Loreal Kids Tropical Mango Shampoo comes in a bright orange-yellow bottle with a shape a little similar to mango; the packaging in itself is very attractive for toddlers. This is a mild shampoo which cleanses scalp well, but will not fare well on oiled hair.

Earth Mama Angel Baby Shampoo & Body Wash 


earth mama angel baby shampoo & body wash

It lathers really well. In just two pumps the baby is washed from head to toe. It has a fabulous fragrance of fresh oranges. The shampoo does not irritate eyes and is made of all natural ingredients.

These were some must try baby and toddler hair care products which will keep your little angel happy every time you use them.

Have you tried any of these kids hair care products?

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