6 Best Toddler Games/Toys in India

6 Best Toddler Games/Toys in India


These days a variety of games are available for kids. It is so unlike earlier when there only were a few basic toys available. Today the toys are interactive and help kids learn new things. Many different kinds are on offer from different companies. Do not get confused and buy only the best ones.

Your kid will surely love these 6 great toys and learn new things while playing.

Lego Duplo Toddler Starter Building Set

Price- INR 2199.You may get it here.


toys for toddlers india

It’s ageless and from your toddler to the seniors in your home, everyone is going to enjoy it equally.It’s a great learning tool for young ones. It is excellent in build and quality. Safe even for babies as the edges are not at all sharp. If you have older siblings at home, they too can join in the fun. This toy gives wings to your child’s imagination and builds curiosity. It also develops creativity and problem solving skills.

Skillofun Capital ABC Alphabet Shape Tray With Picture

Price- INR 445.You may get it here.


best games for toddlers

This simple and interesting toy makes child/toddler understand alphabets. This is not expensive. The game is made of wooden material and its non toxic.  Each Side has Four Cavities of Different Categories – Transport, Animals, Fruits and Shapes. Company has utilized even the back side of the board where kids can revise the alphabets.

Leap Frog My Pal Scout Learning Toy

Price- INR 2609.You may get it here.


best toys for toddlers india

On the paws of Leap Frog My Pal Scout there are embroidered symbols of different features. You can press them and listen to different sounds. The best part is that this is not a toy which remains stagnant as it is. You can download new music and dialogues and transfer it into the toy. This is made super simple by the USB cable that comes along with it. This is a fun a buy whose value is increased by the fact that its interactive and cuddly at the same time.

Baby Drum And Musical Instrument

price- $35.You may get it here.


best toys for toddlers

It’s a great way to develop musical interest in babies. The product can be assembled and can be used separately  also to play. Material used is of superior quality. It’s easy to assemble it and you don’t need to put lot of brain and effort in assembling and dissembling it.  It has eight different tunes and single songs playing at discretion. The drum is solidly crafted, colorful and engaging and is in English. The chair that comes with the toy is light weight and one can adjust its height.

Funschool Stacking Cubes

Price- INR 125.You may get it here.


best games for toddlers india

Stacks helps in building babies’ intelligence.They start getting ideas about shapes and sizes and with stacks it becomes easy to learn colours as well. Product is excellent for kids between the ages of one to two years. These have no edges and therefore are safe for babies. The cubes will easily fit in diaper bags easily. Cubes are bright in colours and measure around 3*3*3 inches.

Mee Mee Happy Train Musical Toy

Price- INR 1145.You may get it here.


games for toddlers india

It’s great way to keep your child engaged and aids in the development of your child’s motor skills. A great way to introduce your child to some basic letters, colors, animals and their sounds and shapes. The train is made from sturdy plastic that does not break even when thrown around.  It can be used even by babies below 12 months especially to encourage crawling. The animated face of the train, bright happy color of the train and the lights make this toy even more interesting for the babies.  You don’t have to run around changing its direction every time it bumps something; the Mee Mee train is capable of changing its direction on its own.

Have you tried any of these toddler games?

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