6 Tips On Clothing Your Kid Right This Monsoon

6 Tips On Clothing Your Kid Right This Monsoon


Time for paper boats, colourful umbrellas, some puddle splashing and muddy slippers are here 🙂 Yay! I know I am talking like a kid here 😀 But, think of those days when you were a kid yourself. Didn’t you enjoy these little things about rain as a kid? So, how would our little ones be far behind? Most kids love to play in the rain. And this is why you need to take care of their clothing during this season.

When your little one comes home with water dripping down his clothes in the hall, there’s a chance that he might catch hold if he stays in them for too long. Or if she is wearing clothes that are made of thin material, she might get cold. So, here are some tips for you to get through this monsoon without much fuss and little sickness.

Loose Cotton Clothes

During the daytime the weather might be hot and humid. If that’s the case make sure that your child is wearing loose cotton clothes that give those delicate baby skin some room to breathe.


Baby Q Dress+clothing for babies


Full-length night-suits

If it has been raining the whole day, the weather might get a bit colder. Try to lay your hands on night suits that are full sleeved and cover the whole body. If your baby is less than a year old you may also dress him/her in footie pyjamas or rompers. They are excellent for nappy changing as well as insulation.


hopscotch haul+ winterwear for babies


Cotton Socks

Your child might play a lot on the floor or even outside. And if it has been raining throughout the day and its windy chances are the floor would be really cold. So it’s important that you keep your child’s feet warm and protected by making him wear cotton socks. Remember to immediately take them off if they get wet.


stocking tights me me

stocking tights me me


Extra pair of clothes

During the rainy season while playing outside in the rain or while coming back from school your child may frequently wet his/her dress. For such circumstances you must have few extra clothes fresh and dry ready to be used at any time. And if you have a baby then keep some extra supplies of cloth or disposable diapers stocked in your cupboard.


hopscotch haul+ hooded clothes for babies


Properly dried clothes

Many of us today live in apartments where drying clothes is not that easy and it might take some time before the clothes are properly dry. We adults can get away with wearing a slightly damp cloth but babies and toddlers might get some fungal infections or rashes. So, before you take off the clothes from the hangar make sure that they are fully dry, if not let them air dry for an extra day. In some houses, where it rains heavily, the cupboard can get a bit damp and cold so take out those once in a week or so and let them dry when its sunny and warm outside.

Quilts and Blankets

Keep some quilts and blankets handy to wrap your child up when its cold outside or your kid is down with a fever. Ensure that they are always in a dry condition and haven’t been soiled.

Hope these clothing tips would help you get well past this monsoon.

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