8 Baby Constipation Remedies


Constipation is one of the problems in babies when you begin to give other things to baby  apart from our breast milk. Usually babies mostly breast fed do not tend to get constipation. When you introduce formula feed and other baby food chances of your baby getting constipated are higher .

What is constipation?

In simple words, constipation is a situation where there is infrequent bowel movement i.e. hard to pass out.


baby poop+babies poop


The usual complaint of a mother is

  • my baby has not pooped for long now.
  • he/she doesn’t pass out every day.
  • my baby poops once in 3 days.

I have this complaint too.. In the past one month my daughter has been passing out every alternate days. And the day she poops she struggles while passing out. It becomes very hard.

Well, this is not a very serious or life threatening problem. But, it is a daily struggle to be normal and non-fussy.

Here are some methods which helps baby In Getting Rid Of The Constipation:-


  • Dissolve hing in warm water and apply around belly button and center of the stomach.
  • Ajwain boiled in water helps too.You can boil a tsp of ajwain in water and give 2-3 tsp. as per baby age.
  • Soak raisins in drinking water for about 4 hours and give 2 spoons of water every day until the passing out routine gets to normal. This has been really helpful.
  • Apply a little ghee to the opening of the baby’s rectum. This helps the feces to slip out without hurting.
  • If you are breast feeding, then include lots of fibrous food in your diet. This will help in bowel movement for your baby too.
  • Few spoons of warm water is a must several times in a day.
  • Apply some ghee to the stem of the beetle leaves and insert slightly into the opening of the rectum of the baby. This will initiate the flow of the feces most of the time. Careful not to insert too much.
  • I have heard elders say about half a spoon honey dissolved in 3-4 spoons warm water also helps. But I have not tried this so far as honey is controverial and is not advised to babies.

Note that the above mentioned are all for older babies. I am not sure if these could be fine for new born infants. Consult your doctor in extreme cases

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  1. I suffered a lot coz f this…actually my baby did..right in her 2nd was soo terrible…hing helped a lot and pouring a bit of coconut oil on the rectum helped a lot too… 🙂

  2. Hing(asafoetida) works for me.Also, I also use to add bit of ajwain powder in m baby rice water to avoid constipation ..infact my baby never suffered from any constipation problem till date.(touchwood)

  3. My son never suffered from constipation, but I did! And it was terrible. Especially because I was working till the day I delivered and after delivery all I was doing was sit and breastfeed or sleep and breastfeed. This raisin in water and ajwain tip helped me a lot to get better. Later much against my mom’s wishes, I started going out for a walk atleast. That helped me immensely because there is a limit to how much you can walk inside a tiny apartment!

  4. Try a childrens enema or a warm water enema.

  5. Also try a suppository.

  6. My email is is your baby’s tummy hard.?

  7. Try a tummy massage.

  8. Try to do the bicycle w/ his or her legs.

  9. Did you try any laxatives yet ?

  10. Try baby lax by pedialax.

  11. Is your babys tummy hard right now.?

  12. Did you try to lay the baby down and just let him/ her pass gas/ fart.?

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