Gifts From Loved Ones :)

Around one and a half year back  I used to doubt my own ability or my own potential of being a future mother.I still question myself whether I will be able to do justice to my new role but I am taking things positively.I think that if you believe in something, God himself lays down the path.For example, I never even imagined the support which I got from friends and dear ones especially Zara and Rashmi who made me feel  on top of the world. Coming to my diaper story after the above one :D Come … [Read more...]

Maternity Support Band Review

In my fifth month of pregnancy (around 20-22nd week) I started suffering from extreme back pain.It use to be so severe some time that I needed K's support to walk to the next room. During that period I got this maternity support  band and have been wearing it off and on. This belt is extremely helpful for those women who suffer from lower back pain and I have heard that some women even wear it after pregnancy too.  Read - My 37th Week Of Pregnancy Belt which I bought  from Mom and me store … [Read more...]

My 37th Week Of Pregnancy

I have never been this eager to meet my baby .Just can't believe that I have few days left  to meet the second love of my life :D first ofcourse being the father who is worried that I might forget him after the baby arrives..lolz. I am almost at the end of the 37th week also. It's tough right now as my back has started hurting and Rash says it's going to get worse later :( The feeling of going into labor seems exciting  :D. I don't know why but it is. May be because I have no idea about labor … [Read more...]

Health And Grooming Kit For Baby

I and Rash had planned to get  baby grooming kit from US but some how things didn't materialize in the end so I almost gave up the kit idea and was thinking of buying each of the thing separately. But few days back Rash saw it in one of the stores and asked me if I have bought it. I knew if I say "No"  she will immediately buy it for me so I pleaded her not to buy and give me the honor  :D.I am seriously afraid to even mention one single thing in front of Zee and Rash because I know they … [Read more...]

36th Week Pregnancy Baby Weight & Baby Movement

Hi Everyone, My scan came out perfectly normal and I am quite relieved. Although before going to the scan I'd skipped a meal and my  baby's heart beat went down. I have been a little lazy in taking regular meals and got a good scolding from everyone around for this attitude. I myself felt guilty for not following a proper routine. The reason is that baby has taken so much of room I am not able to eat my normal meal in one go. I require frequent meals which some time becomes tough for me  or I … [Read more...]

36th Week Pregnancy Baby Weight Movement & Symptoms

When I reached my mom's place, I was pampered like anything and being a PCOS patient I gained 4 kg of weight with in ten days! My Gynae asked me to control on salt, sugar and walk for one hour every day. Last week, in my 35th week she then checked my weight and found it to be constant. It's a little strange to see how a week's check up turns out to be so different from previous, although I have been  pretty much normal in my eating habits and didn't eat any junk food or outside food whatsoever. … [Read more...]

It’s Your Body Stretch Mark Cream Review

Mothercare It's Your Body Stretch Mark Cream  When I disclosed my pregnancy news to Rash she was over joyed with happiness and with in a week she sent me a huge gift pack consisting of  multiple mother care products. Ofcourse it has a lippi also as a gift  too :P Rash will always be Rash :D. As I was just one and half month pregnant, the idea of applying stretch mark cream didn't creep in but when she sent me the cream, I started using it  diligently.   About It's your body stretch … [Read more...]

Must Have In Maternity Hospital Bag

I am in my ninth month of pregnancy and few days back one of my friends asked me if I have prepared my maternity hospital bag. When she mentioned this I was kind of confused because when you are pregnant whole world gives you advice. It's not that their advises are bad or something, it's just that they often contradict so much . For example , one of my relatives advised me to mop the floor in last month so that I can have normal delivery, but later on another relative told me not to do that … [Read more...]