35 Books For Kids Aged Between 5 To 8 Years

35 Books For Kids Aged Between 5 To 8 Years Hello Ladies, So I hope you already checked out an interesting Coloring Game I got for Anvika from World Book Fair 2018. I also happened to pick a lot of books as well from the fair as it has become our yearly ritual to pick up books & cultivate a habit of reading more books & spending less time on the phone although it is a little tough for me sometimes because that is my job as a Beauty Blogger! :-) Well, without much adieu I have to … [Read more...]

Game For 3 To 7-Year Old Kids : Welcome To Magic Box Inkmeo Family

Game For 3 To 7-Year Old Kids : Welcome To Magic Box Inkmeo Family Hello Everyone! How are you all doing? Recently I happened to visit the World Book Fair which is held every year in Pragati Maidan, Delhi.  Well, if you too are a book lover like me, I must say it’s such a delight visiting the place, especially now when my child is at an age where tonnes of things are available for her! So, for me it has been an yearly ritual to visit this Book Fair. I started visiting the fair when my … [Read more...]

Caladryl Diaper Cream Review

Caladryl Diaper Cream Review Hello Everyone, I am here with a another useful product for babies & since I am really very conscious about making sure that I share only those products which I trust for my own daughter. This is mainly a diaper rash healing cream from Caladryl but since my daughter is all grown up now & off the diapers, I gave this diaper cream to one of my friends to try it on her baby and this is basically her experience that I am putting into words here! Lets see … [Read more...]

5 Most Important Nutrients For Your Child’s Immunity

5 Most Important Nutrients For Your Child's Immunity Talking about your child's health during winters, moms really need to take care of so many things right from what they eat and what they wear so as to keep them healthy & immune to the drastic changes in the climate. If your child tends to fall sick quite often then you surely need to consult a child specialist so that you can make the changes in their diet before they seriously fall ill. Usually adults have a stronger immune system … [Read more...]

DIY Fake Snow With Diaper

DIY Fake Snow With Diaper Hello Mommies, I hope you are having an amazing time with your family & friends and yes it happens to be the New Year week now and we all are really excited for the coming weekend to be equally great! It is a holiday for my kid these days and I have been doing a lot of activities with her to keep her occupied during these holidays and make the most of it this time! Last year I was celebrating the holidays in Hong Kong & this time it is Home where I will ring … [Read more...]

Diaper Myth Busting : Why Choose Diapers?

Diaper Myth Busting: Why Choose Diapers Diapers are extremely important for the comfort of your baby, but one debate every mother comes across is cloth vs disposable diapers? What are the factors to consider? Damp clothes attract bacteria the most and that is why it is always advised to dry your baby’s clothes properly in the sun even after it has dried in the washing machine! Now, imagine if your cloth diaper has not dried properly! A new mother has a lot on her plate, and changing the … [Read more...]

How To Keep Toddlers Healthy With Changing Weather?

How To Keep Toddlers Healthy With Changing Weather? Since the winter season has already started and the season of winter holidays is just round the corner but the thing is during these holidays we make so many plans of travelling to places for vacation which sometimes instantly affect toddlers in particular because they are accustomed to a particular weather where they live and all of a sudden the weather is abruptly changed which affects their immunity and they either catch cough & cold or … [Read more...]

Pampers #MagicOf3 NextGenPampers

Pampers #MagicOf3 NextGenPampers As a mother, I have always tried to give the best to my daughter when it comes to personal hygiene. When it comes to diapers, I have always opted for the top of the line ones amongst all the available options. Like other body care products, when it comes to diapers, proper skincare and hygiene is what I always look. And with the advances in technology and product innovation, it is important that moms, like me are aware of the new products out there, because they … [Read more...]

Sunday Cheat Meal – Meri Maggi

Sunday Cheat Meal - Meri Maggi I can’t wait for Sunday! It’s MY day and my brain start picturing so many mouth watering delicacies...From Briyani's to aalo ka parantha to Pizza's but most of the time I end up eating Maggi. I don't believe in banning food from my diet especially when it comes to Maggi because …No single food item is healthy or unhealthy. I believe in eating a balance of meals, everything in moderation and of course, hitting the gym. I have so many childhood memories with my … [Read more...]

Flinto Jungle Theme And Continents Learning Review

Flinto Jungle theme and continents learning review Hi Moms! Hope you are able to handle the heat inside and outside with equal vigor! With heat inside I mean the chirpiness and loudness of the kids as the summer vacations are going on. It is very necessary to engage them somewhere to have that peaceful time yourself and at the same time make them learn something useful. I came across Flinto Box and thought to try it this time. I had ordered 3 months subscription for a total of INR 1875. The … [Read more...]