Food Recipes For 8 Months Old Babies

By Gayatri Food Recipes For 8 Months Old Babies   Your baby reached 8 months and so you must be planning to start feeding her. You can start with pureed solids but make it nutritious at the same time. Here are few ideas you may like to try for your baby. Baked Apples: Ingredients: 3 large apples Butter (optional) Cinnamon(optional) Brown sugar and raisins(optional) Method: Core the three apples but don’t peel it. Carefully wipe the center inside of it with some … [Read more...]

How To Keep Toddlers In Their Own Bed

By Gayatri L How To Keep Toddlers In Their Own Bed You are reading this post, so you must be a mother and you know well regarding your baby sleep problems. Few children may sleep well but few struggle to sleep properly. They hardly sleep properly and wake in the mid night, get down their bed and find the way to yours. It is very important to help them in this matter.     How to Do It? Here are few tips that can help you in keeping your child to stay on the bed. To … [Read more...]

How to Give Turmeric to Kids

By Gayatri L How to Give Turmeric to Kids Turmeric is a root with many healing properties which cures many health problems. It has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties and is known as Indian saffron. Curcumin in turmeric can increase ones lifespan, protect liver, prevent fungus, kill tumor cells, lowers blood cholesterol and does many more. Your kid can be given turmeric to cure many health issues and even to prevent them.     Few ideas are given below. Turmeric … [Read more...]

How To Give Kiwi Foods To Babies

By Gayatri L How to Give Kiwi Foods to Babies Is it safe to feed kiwi to your baby? When can you give kiwi to your baby and in which form? What recipes can you try? Are these questions in your mind? If you are planning to give kiwi to your baby then you should know everything about it. These fruits are very nutritious. Kiwis are acidic in nature and so before you give it to your baby, you should think twice.     The Benefits for Your Baby: Kiwi is known as Chinese … [Read more...]

10 Amazing First Birthday Cake Ideas

By Gayatri L 10 Amazing First Birthday Cake Ideas Finally your baby’s first birthday is coming; the first and major milestone of the kid and you must be planning to do big to make it a big day for him/her. The very first thing in your mind is obviously the birthday cake. Deciding a particular type of cake is difficult when there are so many types available. We can guess, you have already browsed many pictures of cakes by now. If so, let’s not get confused and check what the various cakes in … [Read more...]

10 Cheap Birthday Décor Ideas

  By Gayatri L 10 Cheap Birthday Décor Ideas If you are planning a birthday party soon and want to keep it good yet under budget, then there are plenty of ways to cut down the prices. Let us discuss few ideas to plan a budget friendly birthday party. The Venue as Home     To save some bucks, first of all make your home as the venue. Since your home is absolutely free, you save money plus you get to decorate it yourself as per your likes and dislikes. Birthday … [Read more...]

How To Make Mayonnaise At Home

  By Mrinalini How To Make Mayonnaise At Home Mayonnaise is one of the most yummiest sauces if you ask me. And the best part about it is its versatility. You can use it as a bread spread or as a dressing or even as a dipping sauce. So today I am going to share with you an easy peasy recipe of eggless mayo sauce that you can make at home.     For the sauce you will need: ½ cup cream ½ tablespoon mustard powder (if you are making it for the kids then you … [Read more...]

How To Keep Kid’s Lips Moisturised

By Mrinalini How To Keep Kid’s Lips Moisturised Dear Mammas! Taking care of babies can be quite a task, but an extremely rewarding one, no doubt. You want the best of the best for your baby at any cost. Be it their food, their clothes or their skincare products,the tiny bundles of joy deserves the purest. So when it comes to issues like skincare for your babies, you are always looking for the mildest product available. Something that will not be harsh on your baby’s delicate … [Read more...]

5-Minute Nutella Recipes You Must Check Out

By Ishleen Kaur 5-Minute Nutella Recipes You Must Check Out NUTELLA! Did I just make your water mouth? Oh yes, this heavenly jar of hazelnut chocolate spread is definitely drool worthy when it comes to fulfilling cravings. :-) Though the first jar of Nutella left its factory outlets in France in 1964, it has been a staple in every chocoholic’s pantry till date. I know it feels heavenly to indulge in a spoonful of nutella straight from the jar, but trust me, nutella can do some pretty great … [Read more...]

Indian Mom Handling New Born In Germany

 By Nandita Gupta How to handle a new born when in Germany Whether it is India or Germany, motherhood brings lot of joys and surprises. Dear Indian mommies, There is nothing to get scared and worried for even if you are sitting abroad far away from your home town. Because if you are in Germany during your pregnancy, you are probably at the best place to deliver your newborn! You will find a highly developed and organized health care system which ensures the best possible care for you and … [Read more...]