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6 Baby Products A New Mom Can Do Without

6 Baby Products A New Mom Can Do Without   A baby store is overcrowded with impossibly cute baby stuffs. The incredibly cute blankets, pretty clothes, colourful baby shoes, lovely baby bassinets, oh-so-cute hooded towels, diaper pails, toys, sweet stuffed animals, chick baby carrier, cutesy diaper bags plus a lot many things all vying for an all too excited new mom’s attention. But, do you really need to buy all the baby stuff that is present in the … [Read more...]

11 Ways To Save Money On Baby Clothes

  11 Ways to Save Money on Baby Clothes   Babies grow up really fast. You would be surprised at the amount you have spent in a year on buying their tiny dresses that they outgrow in just a few weeks or days. At a time when living expenses are really high, if you could save even a thousand rupees it would be a lot.     So, dig in to find out eleven (yes not one but ELEVEN!) ways to save more than a thousand on your baby’s clothes :-) All the year round … [Read more...]

9 Easy Ways to Introduce Your Baby to Rhymes

  9 Easy Ways to Introduce Your Baby to Rhymes   As a kid I was fascinated by the world of rhymes and would love to sing them along with my mom. Enacting the rhymes, singing, laughing and playing along with my mum was fun and priceless and I long to establish a similar kind of relationship with my son. An early introduction of letters, numbers, shapes, colours and words through rhymes helped me learn new things in a much easier way. Many scientific studies have already shown … [Read more...]

5 Tips to Help Your Baby Relax in A New Environment

5 Tips to Help Your Baby Relax in A New Environment   New place, new surroundings, new people are all just too perfect ingredients to unsettle us adults. The same holds true in case of babies and toddlers too. The unfamiliar surroundings and new faces make them uncomfortable and sometimes it even make them cry inconsolably. Being a new mom I was at a complete loss the first time I had to deal with such a situation but now I have learnt ways to keep him happy even when he finds himself … [Read more...]

Tips To Prevent Babies From Being Left Behind In The Cars

Tips to Prevent Babies from Being Left Behind in the Cars The other day I received a frantic call from my mother advising me not to leave my son alone in the car even for a minute. The reason for her panic was the news clip she had seen on TV about a toddler who had died after being locked in the car for a few hours. I had heard about the news too and it got me thinking. Such incidents are becoming very common these days. A few years ago my nephew who was just two years old was locked in his … [Read more...]

BumChum Fitted Diaper – Moo Cow Review

  BumChum Fitted – Moo Cow   When my little one was born, he would cry the minute his cloth nappy was wet. All was fine for a month but I had to switch over to disposable diapers due to severe winter in my home town and soon my little one got too comfortable with the change and wouldn’t wail even if the diaper was wet :( I was really disappointed but couldn’t do much. So, once I came back from my hometown I slowly started diapering him in cloth diapers. And now I’m happy that he … [Read more...]

10 Must-Watch Movies While You Are Pregnant

  10 Must-Watch Movies While You are Pregnant   When I was pregnant I wanted to watch movies that had babies in it or talked about motherhood and parenthood. So, I took advantage of my dad’s limited internet connection and downloaded some 10-15 movies (he still wonders how he used up 20 GB in just five days :-P I’m not telling him anytime sooner :-D ) There are many women who undergo a similar experience during their pregnancy. Hence, I thought I would give you a heads up on a few … [Read more...]

Teddy Nappy Pads Review

Teddy Nappy Pads Review   Now that my baby is about to turn a year old, I have resorted myself to diapering him in cloth ones. So, while I was looking for cloth diapers on the Internet, I came across Teddyy Nappy Pads with mostly positive reviews from the users. You know how it is while shopping online - if it has lots of positive reviews you end up buying it. So did I :-) Let’s see if I made the right decision or not.     About Teddyy Nappy Pads Teddyy Nappy Pad’s … [Read more...]

10 Weaning Must-Haves For New Mums

10 Weaning Must-haves for New Mums Planning to introduce solid food to your baby? The transition from breast milk to solid food, better known as weaning, is no easy task. It’s a messy affair and needs a lot of patience, especially if you are a new mum. To make the task easier there are hundreds of products available in the market, which may leave you all the more confused. So, why don’t we take a look at the products that are actually needed to make the weaning process easy for you and your … [Read more...]

How To Cope With Long Distance Pregnancy

  How To Cope with Long Distance Pregnancy   Long distance pregnancy. Yup! Long distance pregnancy, that’s what we are going to deal with today. It’s really difficult to manage yourself when your other half is away during the most crucial time of your life. Ask any Army man’s wife about this and you are sure to strike a long conversation. Or many other women, like myself, who have been away from their husband while they were pregnant. It doesn’t matter whether you are being … [Read more...]