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Diet For The Fourth Month Of Pregnancy

  Diet For The Fourth Month Of Pregnancy   Feeling the butterflies in your stomach lately? ;-) Know what it is? It’s your tiny baby practicing her moves in there :-) Everyone around you is starting to notice the bump now and soon lots of advices would come your way. The terrible morning sickness has just gone away for a holiday but might keep visiting once in a while if you are not that lucky, your spirits are high and emotionally you are a mess. You are likely to shed a drop of tear … [Read more...]

Diet For The Third Month Of Pregnancy

Diet For The Third Month Of Pregnancy   Welcome to the third month of your pregnancy! It’s time for some positive changes. As you progress towards the fourth month of your pregnancy, things will get better. You wouldn’t run away from your meals anymore and if your doc is kind enough you can even have a chance at hearing your little one’s heart beat for the first time. Yay! :-) And no you are not at all silly if you are caught the 100th time smiling away over your baby’s ultrasound scan … [Read more...]

Diet for Second Month of Pregnancy

Diet for Second Month of Pregnancy   Has the smell of your all time favourite perfume bothering you much these days? Or do you already know what’s cooking in your neighbour’s house today with just a whiff? Well, if you are wondering, you haven’t gained any super power all of a sudden, it’s just your pregnancy hormones working overtime. This heightened sense of smell is one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy that most women face :-( during the early months. And this is also one … [Read more...]

Diet For The First Month Of Pregnancy

Diet For The First Month Of Pregnancy   Congratulations girl you are soon going to be a yummy mommy! :-) You have seen the double pink line, cannot hold back your smile on seeing another woman with a bump and at the same time worried about almost every other thing on this planet. Since pregnancy is all about eating (yes, this is one time in your life when everyone is going to pamper you with whatever you want to eat, so my personal advice is take full advantage of the attention ;) ), … [Read more...]

Mee Mee Fun Learning Laptop Review

 Mee Mee Fun Learning Laptop   My parents live in the eastern part of India whereas we are located in the South of India, so Skype is the best way for them to see their grandson grow up. And whenever we Skype, my son would come and tap his fingers on the keyboard just the way I do, grab the screen, drool on it and what not. Seeing this, without even informing me, my Dad ordered this laptop from Mee Mee for my son to play with. I’m really glad that he did this for my son now plays with … [Read more...]

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Cookie Shape Surprise Review

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Cookie Shape Surprise   I had heard a lot about Fisher Price from my relatives and discussions going on between parents long before my baby was born. I wasn’t interested much in these discussions back then as I was a kid myself :-P But, after I had my baby this was the first baby toy brand name that flashed in my mind. So, naturally now that I was a mom and my baby had crossed his 6 months mark, I thought of trying out something from Fisher-Price. While … [Read more...]

Lego Duplo Toddler Starter Building Set Review

Lego Duplo - Toddler Starter Building Set   As a child I was introduced to the Lego bricks at a very young age, even before my first birthday. My parents thought that it would help me open up my mind, think on my own and use some common sense. And they were definitely not wrong as according to most of my relatives and a number of uncles and aunts I was considered to be a very independent and sorted out girl. Now I’m definitely not saying that the Lego bricks were the sole reason … [Read more...]

Mee Mee Happy Train Musical Toy Review

Mee Mee Happy Train Musical Toy   After my baby had entered the mobile phase, I was looking for a toy that would encourage him to crawl and learn at the same time. During my search I came across Mee Mee Happy Train Musical Toy and even though it stated that it was meant for babies above 12 months of age, I happily ignored it and bought the musical toy :-D And the musical train didn’t fail me even a tiny bit as it’s one of the favorite toys of my son.     Key … [Read more...]

6 Amazing Android Apps For Pregnant Moms

6 Amazing Android Apps for Pregnant Moms   When a woman discovers that she is pregnant, her mind is full of questions like what happens next, what's safe for me, should I exercise, what does my baby look like or how would I know when the baby kicks me. Answers to all these questions lie in your smartphone, just go to the store, download these apps and you have the storehouse of information right on your fingertips. Here, we have compiled a list of some of the best pregnancy apps that … [Read more...]

6 Tips On Choosing Disposable Diapers For Your Baby

6 Tips on Choosing Disposable Diapers for Your Baby   Whether you are an expecting mom or a new one, you are bound to get baffled by the variety of disposable diapers available in the market. And now that you have made a conscientious choice to use a disposable diaper for your baby, where should you start? Should you buy in bulk? Which size should you pick up? Which brand? Should you pick the pant style diaper or the ones with snaps? The questions are countless. So, here are a few … [Read more...]