Diet/Food Chart For 10-12 Months Old Toddler

Diet/Food Chart For 10-12 Months Old Toddler   You can easily figure out his preferences for flavours now, whether he craves for sweet like his dear daddy or loves the tangy salty flavor like his momma. But, soon these choices will also change, and you will have to continuously figure out the changing taste and likings of your sweetheart. As your baby is about to turn 1, and is growing up fast so start giving some healthy snacks servings during the day (but make sure to have a gap … [Read more...]

Fisher Price Stride To Ride Lion Review

Fisher Price Stride To Ride Lion   The moment my son started to sit up on his own and showed interest in standing and walking, {actually more than him, we parents showed interest in him walking ;-)}, we immediately thought of buying him a walker, which we have seen since ages. The regular one in which your baby sits inside it with both legs across the cloth seat fixed in it. This being our first child, I was sooper excited and would have gone to buy the moment I thought of it, … [Read more...]

14 Top Signs Of Pregnancy – Discovering The Existence Of A Life Inside You

 14 Top Signs Of Pregnancy  - Discovering The Existence Of A Life Inside You   Pregnant? … not pregnant?… pregnant?…not pregnant?… Sounds familiar no? Reminds you of the “loves me… loves me not” trick of plucking the leaves of a rose. In old days pregnancy use to be a routine thing and having kids was a part of the regular life. But in today’s time having a kid is a meticulously and wisely timed and planned decision, considering the factors like both working partners, decision to … [Read more...]

Why Do Babies And Toddlers Cry?

Why do babies and toddlers cry?   You see others’ beautiful, cute, smiling babies in market/malls/train/airport or anywhere… u say hello baby, and she smiles back and you say oh how sweet… You generally like babies, and have the license to make them {You are married ;-) } and you think… Honey, let’s plan our own baby! The baby comes and smiles at you, laugh out loud on your silly actions, eats all the nutrition in the world, is super duper cute, and after a playful merry day, … [Read more...]

Diet/Food Chart For 8-10 Months Old Infant

Diet/food chart for 8-10 months old infant   Yay yay!!! Toothless smiles are gone and you can see your baby’s first 2-4 teeth cutting. Don’t be disheartened if you still can’t see those pearls coming out, because it can come as late as 18-20 months too!!! Yes, you read it right :-) So, if those first teeth are there then don’t jump on with excitement that your baby can now chew all the food available on earth and neither be disappointed that you can’t do that and your baby still … [Read more...]

Diet/Food Chart For 6-8 Months Old Infant

  Diet/food chart for 6-8 months old infant Your baby has touched the 6 month mark…you are soooper excited to introduce the solid food to his taste buds, and whoosh! All your excitement drops down to zero because you realize that what you thought would be a cake walk is actually not that easy. But don’t you worry…we all sail the same boat and touch our shores happily and comfortably. So, fasten your belt and get ready to clean the bigger mess and tolerate the bigger fuss!! Well, the … [Read more...]