7 Ways To Keep A 1 Year Old Toddler Busy

 7 Ways To Keep A 1 Year Old Toddler Busy   I see a lot of moms asking these questions. “I can’t find enough ways to keep my toddler busy. Never a moment’s rest. I have to wait till my baby sleeps, then I get to do my chores, etc.” These are common problems with easy solutions. We just need to think of innovative ways to keep our little ones occupied productively. Since I am a hyper active mom naturally I am always trying to plan ahead. Sometimes I succeed and then again at times I … [Read more...]

Your Child’s Imaginary Friend

  Your Child’s Imaginary Friend   It is very common for First Borns to have imaginary friends. At least 65% of children create such imaginary playmates for themselves during their early childhood. Most imaginary friends appear when a child is anywhere between 2 ½ - 3 and hang around for a couple of years and exit by the time the child is 5-6 years. Though your child may not agree and forcefully deny it, yet they are completely aware that their imaginary companion is make … [Read more...]

5 Tips To Care For Your Baby’s Umbilical Cord

  How To Care For Your Baby's Umbilical Cord   When you think about the umbilical cord, the word fascinating comes to your mind. I was completely amazed and loved the idea that my son and I shared the same heartbeat. However, once my son was born and the cord was cut it didn’t look so appealing. Well, also blame it on post-partum as nothing really seemed appealing those days. But seriously after the umbilical cord is cut and tied after the baby’s birth it definitely looks a lot … [Read more...]

5 Essential Foods for Underweight Toddlers

5 Essential Foods for Underweight Toddlers   While Obesity in infants is a cause of concern, malnourishment is an even bigger worry for parents to deal with. Although parents should use their wisdom and understand the child’s genetics too. No point in fretting over why your child is skinny if you as parents also have a small frame. Monitor your baby especially in the formative years, jot down a plan for their diet and see what all essential nutrients are missing from your baby’s diet … [Read more...]

8 Post Pregnancy Skin Care Tips

8 Post Pregnancy Skin Care Tips How proud we are about our flawless skin? We take pains doing the whole toning, cleansing, moisturising routine to look our best and glowing. We take pride in maintaining a flawless complexion but our pregnancy hormones create havoc and change all of that.After pregnancy, everything changes, even seemingly little things like your hair and skin. Most changes that affect your skin and hair aren't long-term and will resolve on their own, so don't take them too … [Read more...]

11 Things To Do When Planning Your Pregnancy

11 Things To Do When Planning Your Pregnancy   Though there is not much to know and the answers are pretty clear.     Yet it is important to keep a check list of dos and don’ts when you are planning on having a child. Toss your birth control – Naturally, if you are on contraceptive pills you need to stop them immediately. For women who have been on the pill, need to be patient and not fret if they take time to conceive. It takes as long as 6 months to a year for … [Read more...]

10 Symptoms Of Ovulation

10 Symptoms Of Ovulation   Ovulation is one part of the female menstrual cycle whereby a mature ovarian follicle (part of the ovary) discharges an egg (also known as an ovum, oocyte, or female gamete). It is during this process that the egg travels down the fallopian tube where it may be met by a sperm and become fertilized. The signs of ovulation vary from woman to woman. It is possible that some women will not even experience ovulation symptoms. The time of ovulation varies for … [Read more...]

11 Symptoms Of Thyroid

11 Symptoms Of Thyroid   Are you showing symptoms of Fatigue, Hair Loss, Weight Gain, Brain Fog etc.? Chances are that you may have a serious thyroid problem. Although all these symptoms could be just there due to your lifestyle too, yet it is not wise to ignore it. It is absolutely crucial to identify the problem, get correct diagnosis and start treatment at the earliest. The thyroid gland undoubtedly stands to be one of the most important glands of the human endocrine system. It … [Read more...]

12 Symptoms Of Cancer

12 Symptoms Of Cancer   As Women our bodies are constantly changing and half the time we are unaware of these changes. However, our health is in our hands and there are some symptoms that we should clearly not ignore. The key is understand our body and be vigilant about the changes that may occur and treat them on time. 12 Signs that you should look out for:- Breast Changes – Anything lumpy in your breast may not be a sign of cancer, however not getting it checked is also … [Read more...]

9 Benefits Of Exercising During Pregnancy

9 Benefits Of Exercising During Pregnancy   Pregnancy as it is a new change happening to your body. On top of that if someone tries to lecture you on the benefits of exercising during pregnancy, you just want to club that person right?? Well, we don’t blame you however we have done some research and collated some data which actually implies the advantages of working out while you are pregnant. If you are already in the habit of a regime of staying fit and healthy then you would enjoy … [Read more...]