30 Weeks Pregnancy Update

 Hey girls :-) First of all sorry I have been away for sooo long :-) Some renovation work going on at home and hubby took some leaves as well as the laptop :-P The best thing about hubby being home is I don't need to get out of bed for ANYTHING at all. He gets me everything without even asking. Me pampers me too much! Touchwood! The week went fine. I went to see my doctor and she seemed happy with my weight gain and the general increase in bump size. I was quite anxious before visiting … [Read more...]

29th Week Pregnancy Update By Shefali

 29th Week Pregnancy Update Hey girls :-) Hope everyone is doing superb.. I have been super lazy this week. Have been physically feeling too heavy and lethargic. Didn't want to get out of bed even for brushing or loo trips. Last week's appointment has pulled my already cranky mood down a lot. Thanks to my hubby he has always been extremely supportive and taken care of me like a princess. I couldn't have asked for more. - Just wanted this week to pass quickly as I have my doctor's … [Read more...]

28th Week Pregnancy Update by Shefali

28th Week Pregnancy Hey girls! I am back again. Internet was not working so could not post the updates. Felt so handicapped without the internet! Hope everyone is doing well.This week has been a complete downer. I had been so excited for my 28th week growth scan if you all remember.. Well all went well at the ultrasound clinic. Saw our baby's face and we kept staring!! Baby was blinking eyes, yawning and had one arm resting on his/her head. Cutest thing on the planet!! Can't write much as I … [Read more...]

27th Week Pregnancy Update

Hello sweeties :-) - Hope everyone is doing great! - First of all I want to thank all of you with all my heart for such overwhelming comments I receive on my posts. Makes me feel super special and cared for  :-) I am so glad that I can pour my heart out here without thinking of anything. The irony is that it is a public platform but I still feel the 'privacy'. It is funny actually to think of it :-) - - Finally I am in the much awaited third and the last trimester!! YIPPIEE!! I am … [Read more...]

26 Week Pregnancy update by Shefali

Hello girls! Hope everyone is doing great :-) I am little better than before hurray! :-) Week 26 means..this is the last week of my second trimester. Can't believe that I will be entering THE third trimester next week. Now that winters are approaching time will move forward quickly. I am soo excited as well as nervous! Both my in-laws and parents still haven't broken the pregnancy new to our relatives. Even my closest cousins do not know. Everybody seems to be too cautious about me. I am in … [Read more...]

25th Pregnancy Week Updates

   Hello people ! Hope everyone is doing well :-) First of all sorry I have been away for soooo long.. My fingers were giving me a hard time. Too much pain and numbness. They swelled up a little in between too. It wasn't noticeable but I had to take off my rings so that explained it all. Now I am wearing them again so I think they are back to normal thankfully. Pain still exists though but not taking away my sleep. - I got some relief from my headaches. I get them thrice a week or so … [Read more...]

24 Weeks Pregnancy Update by Shefali

24 Weeks Pregnancy Update Hello friends :-) Three cheers for the Viability Week! 24th week it is! Feels like  a major milestone. Few more weeks to enter the last trimester! - Had my doctors's appointment this week and it took us 25 minutes to locate the baby's heartbeat. He/she was kicking the probe and running here and there!! I have gained weight about 8 kgs till now. According to my doctor all is well. I had a long list to ask her. She told me not to have crocin pain relief anymore … [Read more...]

23 Week Pregnancy Update by Shefali

23 week pregnancy development Hello girls :-) It's me again! What a hectic, painful & tiresome week it has been! My labrador had a surgery this week(which later proved to be total unnecessary). So we had to leave our pug at my moms place. I dad to feed my lab at regular intervals by hand and give timely meds. I got so tired and sad at the end with him crying loudly all the time because of his stitches. I landed up with extremely sore leg pain which made me cry. Hubby had to take a … [Read more...]

22 Week Pregnancy Update by Shefali

Hello sweeties :-) I am back and viral is almost gone :-) Time seems to be brisk walking after I hit 21 weeks. Now I just want the time to start running :-D This week I made 'THE' final shopping list. The things I want to purchase before the baby arrives. As I am due in peak winters I want to make sure I have a little extra of everything. I don't want my elders to run around here and there. I want everyone to relax and be at home for the first 2 weeks at least. As planned I will do a … [Read more...]


Hey girls :-) Hope everyone is doing good. I am back not with a bang but with viral! hello viral! I am never the sort to end with up with the seasonal  cold but here I am down with bad cold and cough and bodyache. With pregnancy you also get low immunity. Thankfully no fever :-) I am managing with Sualin and home remedies. I wanted to talk about my diet in this post. … [Read more...]