Weight Loss Guideline – Step 2 – Important

  I am so sorry about the infrequent updates…I was in Melbourne on a project and I am having to manage my personal & professional life…it’s such a struggle. Plus the 5 1/2 hours difference was a killer…not helped by day light savings here L I feel like it is 6.30 PM when it’s already 10-11 PM and can’t sleep till 3-4 AM, apart from being at client location by 8 AM. Back to business… Ah…after Ana’s article…I realize how many of us are kicked about this topic. I mean this must be … [Read more...]

DAY 1 – Stretch Exercise For Weight Loss

I initially thought of posting my progress every single day…but that proves to be so difficult; especially when I carry an equally heavy load at office. I will be updating this section every week, Saturday early morning so hopefully you all will see this and make relevant plans! Day 1 for me was this Friday, yesterday and well…you know…I had things to do! This is the bad Vaishnavi talking, not the good one! The good Vaishnavi says – oh shut up! You found it easier to snuggle up than lift your … [Read more...]

Where do I start? -Weight Loss Guidelines For PCOS Women

Hmm…now that we have decided to ring in the new year with fitness, shouldn’t we know where to start? Well…here’s your guide. I will try my best-est not to sound preachy, but I want this to be a ready-reckoner on what to do and what not to do before you kick off exercising…all the best ladies!       Weight Loss Guideline   Put your goals on a paper and stick it where you can see it. I have framed the picture in my previous post to motivate me; yes, even on … [Read more...]