Baby Bib Ideas for Gifting the New Born


Baby Bib Ideas for Gifting the New Born

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Majority of the mothers have to face the problem of changing baby bibs all through the day, shifting between drooling and feeding. This makes baby bibs ideal as gifts for new born. Today, there are several varieties of this baby gift available in stores and you can select a creative one to make the tedious task of taking care of the baby’s drools and food an interesting job. Here are some of the latest baby bib ideas that are functional yet innovative in their own way.

The Needlework Idea:

Baby bibs are available in embroidery, needlework and cross-stitch types for those that want to gift something unique and special to the baby. You also have the option of buying a pattern or printed bib or incorporating your design with the name of the baby or your relation to him, onto the bib. Although, this may look like something small as a gift, but it will definitely mean a lot to the parents when they see handmade and woven gifts for their child Brand Viagra buy .


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The Flower Show:

Gift the new parents with baby bibs that look like blossoming flowers. As you snap the bib’s neck to fold it equally in halves, the sides will match up. Now, beginning from the ‘snapped end’, you will have to roll this bib tightly to look like a flower bud. Have the bib secured with pin or ribbon so that the bud remains closed and then stick in a stem of any ‘silk flower’ right into the middle of this bud. Have the process repeated with all the bibs that you purchase and make the ‘silk flower’ additions to flaunt the blossoming baby bibs using a flower pot or an exquisite vase. It is an innovative way to present your gift to the baby which will be highly appreciated.


flower show


Diaper Cake For The Baby:

This idea is a classic one which is why you should not try get it mixed up by placing the bibs within the ‘diaper layers’. You should rather have the diapers rolled up to form the top layer, which is the smallest; then move on to have the baby bibs folded into halves followed by rolling them into tubes leaving no space. Arrange these tubes around a ‘baby lotion bottle’ or a ‘baby bottle’. Using a rubber-band has the entire layer secured against this made-up cake’s ‘centrepiece’. Cover the rubber band with a brightly-coloured ribbon and stick up the ribbon with glue. Decorate the cake with yet another bib. Thus, your diaper cake is ready to be gifted.


diaper cake


The Stuffed Animal:

Gifts look the same no matter how unique they are. Simply wrapping them with glossy gift paper is not enough when the gift is meant for a baby. Try wrapping the baby bib around a cute and adorable teddy bear or some other ‘stuffed animal’ to make the gift more attractive in appeal. This idea works best for simple gifts like baby bibs. You can tie the bib on the giraffe’s neck or have adorning other parts of the stuffed toy that you select for gifting the baby. This will make a 2-in-1 gift for the new born who can use the bib as well as play with the stuffed toy when he grows up a little.


stuffed animals


These amazing ideas will make you baby bib gift interesting and also send the message to the parents how much you love them and their new born.

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