Baby Names Starting From A

If you are termed and due for delivery of your baby, then the two obvious question a mother-to-be always faces are:

‘How are you? How do you feel?’ or

‘Have you thought of any name for your baby?’

Finalizing the name for your baby is a huge task in itself. Lot of opinions starts getting poured in. And every name people suggest for your baby is expected to be finalized. Now, how is that possible? And when you zero upon a name; some people question ‘Why did you chose this one only ? And again there is a list of names suggested to you. Ooooops!!!!!!!! Things are so complicated.

I have faced this. Have you? 😛

Here are few names that begin from ‘A’. My personal preference is the alphabet ‘A’, especially for baby boys. Below is a list of baby names that are mostly suited for Indian style of naming.

Indian nams with A+indian baby name

Baby Girl names:

(Ladies first :-P)

  1. Aabha
  2. Aakruthi
  3. Agni
  4. Ahana
  5. Akshara
  6. Akhila
  7. Alaka
  8. Alekya
  9. Ambika
  10. Amulya
  11. Anagha
  12. Ananya
  13. Arya
  14. Avani.
  15. Avantika

Baby Boy names:

  1. Aadarsh
  2. Abhay
  3. Abhik
  4. Abhiman
  5. Achintha
  6. Achyutha
  7. Advith
  8. Akanksh
  9. Amogha
  10. Aniketh
  11. Ankush
  12. Ankur
  13. Anmol
  14. Atul
  15. Ayush

I hope the list was of some help. 🙂

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Do share baby name starting from letter A if you really like any 🙂


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  1. Nice name

    I like Anamika and Anvika to 😀

  2. Nice compilation chandani:) my baby’s name is ananya . I also like names with A , bt my brother was dead against it as he was saying the kids will suffer in schools and colleges if they come first in the roll call. He is a victim of having his name with A:) other names I was contemplating of were, ahalya, aaradhana, athreya and aalya

  3. haha! Too sweet of your bro to say that but i was amongst the first in roll call and I use to be happy about it..I use to get my question paper first and use to get over with my presentation first too…so less tension :P.This is the reason my baby name also starts from A 🙂

  4. Wow anamika, that is the positive side of looking at it:)bt despite all his warnings I named her ananya. Her name starts with A and also it Is the first word of bhagavath geetha:)

  5. Those are all Indian/Hindu names :p afterall India is a multicultored country hain na! Adding a few girl-names 🙂




  6. Alpana 🙂

    • 😀 but it’s pretty popular in WB. And you know what your name is a very popular name in Assam, there are several movies and songs named ”Anamika” :p flattered? 😉
      You know there is a singer Zubin Garg? he has named his entire album ” Anamika” and ”Anamika 2” etc lol. :p

  7. Tarun Preet says:

    Anamika and Anvika <3

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