Baby Skincare Regime This Winter Season

Baby Skincare Regime This Winter Season

As the winter season is fast approaching, a major concern for new mothers is to take care of their baby;’s skin in an effective manner so that the climatic conditions don’t effect the newborn baby’s delicate skin!

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Baby skincare during winters is not limited to only during the chilly months but begins so before that when the weather starts changing, nights become cold and the skin starts stretching! We always keep our skincare regime updated even before the arrival of the winter season and so it becomes equally important to switch the baby skincare products much earlier so that there is no dry scaly skin issue with babies and their sensitive skin can easily adjust with the harsh changing climatic conditions!

So here are some of the most important points new moms need to know in order to save their baby’s super soft skin from turning dry and have patches on the cheeks!



The first step in proper skincare for a baby is bathing and make sure that you do it rightly so that their skin remains soft and smooth. Use gentle liquid soaps which are organic in nature and doesn’t dry out the baby skin! If possible avoid using any soap based cleanser on all over the body except for the areas body with folds because those areas need cleansing every day!

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Never use hot water for bathing the baby. Use lukewarm water which is just warm enough for the baby as that will not make their skin dry or scaly!

Baby Sunblock-

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Although there is a lot of debate on whether sunscreen should be used on a small baby or not! Well, if the product needs the quality standards of protecting baby skin in a harmless way, then it is always advised to use a sunscreen lotion on babies who are about to step out in the sun!

Keep baby skin Dry-

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Damp skin gives rise to many skin irritations like itching, rashes and for this reason it is always recommended by experts to keep the baby skin dry by using absorbent powder or always cleaning a particular area with a disposable baby wipe in order to remove the sweat formation!

Keep baby skin hydrated-

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Always make sure to apply a good hydrating baby lotion on the hands and the entire body to keep their skin smooth and supple. A good cream for the facial skin is also essential because the facial skin is a lot more sensitive! Hands, feet and other body parts should be well moisturized before dressing up the baby for the day!

Choose comfortable cloth fabric-

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Make sure that you choose soft and absorptive cloth fabric for your baby as it will keep a check on the sweat formation and will let air pas through it so that your baby doesn’t feel discomfort and the skin also doesn’t develop any rashes or allergies due to some kind of fabric!

Well, these are some of the basic skincare tips a new mom can switch with the existing routine accordingly! Hope you like these!

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