Special Delivery: Zara’s Delivery Experience

Anamika and I discussed a few months back how much fun it would be to pen down our pregnancy and delivery stories for everyone to read. I for one love reading such posts/articles and used to hunt them down when I was pregnant..Some stories were scary, but some were super helpful. Most colleagues and friends don’t quite discuss it for fear of scaring other women but I find these accounts to be really helpful to prepare for when the time comes. So we are starting this new segment called Special Delivery dedicated to bring stories of how our miracles entered this world to you…

So here goes..

baby delievery+birth story

I delivered my baby girl, Pravi 6mts back on March 30th, 2013…For those of you who don’t know, I was on bed rest for the whole of my 8th month due to the threat of premature labor in my 7th month. So my joy grew no bounds when I went for a check-up the day my 8th month got over and my gynac asked us to get admitted since I was in labor.

I’d been having labor pains on and off since my 7th month, but by the end of the 8th month the pains were getting uncontrollable by the medication even. I ignored it thinking that since my water hadn’t broken, why worry? But after 3 days of the pain escalating, we went to the gynac (went to her clinic) where we had a scan and an internal check and she pronounced me ready for delivery.

I was to get admitted at the hosp but since my doc was so relaxed, we thought lets have lunch and then go. It was the most funniest lunch of my life where I was hogging happily while my husband was franatically making calls and asking me regularly if I was ok and if I was in any pain..Haha!!

After this, we went home, got our bags and reached the hosp. I also clipped my nails and applied polish to my toes (yes, I did that) wanting my toes to look good since that was possibly the first part of me the baby would see..Crazy but ahh well, Preggy women are entitled to their idiosyncrasies right? I also pinged A and Shwe to tell them along with all my other colleagues (I was THAT excited)

I was admitted at about 6pm and even till 11pm had not dilated further than 3.5cms. What did I do in the interim? I walked, read a Mills & Boons novel (since it requires no thinking; not that I was capable of thinking at the time) and whatsapped and did some breathing exercises. After a discussion with the Gynac, we decided to wait till morning and induce labor if I didn’t dilate further. I was given a pain killer so I could sleep for a bit.

At about 5am, I was woken up and got ready for the showdown. What did I do to get ready? Well, I applied some Garnier BB cream, a liner and a lip balm and was ready to go…I still hadn’t dilated any further nor had my water broken so I was induced at about 7am right after I was given an enema.

Now earlier, my plan had been to have a C-Sec (vehemently refused by my Gynac) or to take as many epidurals as required to have a painless delivery. Having been in partial labor for over a month had left me with no patience for more.

But God had something different in store for me. I was induced at about 7am and at 7.05am the pains suddenly became sharper. I kept asking for an epidural, but my requests were only followed by internal checks and assistant doctors scurrying to and fro as if something were wrong. My Gynac was on her way to the hosp at the time and I remember pleading with the Asst. Doc to pls give me an epidural..My exact words were, ‘Pls pls give me an epidural, I don’t want to scream.’

Let me explain why I said this. The previous evening when I was admitted, there were other 2 women in the check-up room who were screaming like banshees cursing their MILs, Husbands, and yelling at the Docs to just get the baby out of them. These screams can really strike the fear of god into one’s heart and I’d decided then that I would control my screams so that I wouldn’t scare the other ladies when my time came..

I only had my mom with me the room since the patient could be accompanied by only 1 female member until the actual time of delivery. I truly wish my husband could have been there in person but ahh well…I phoned him, kept the phone next to my ear and kept blabbering about how the Docs weren’t giving me an epidural and how he would have to carry the baby the next time (Yes, I was already planning the 2nd one before the first was out) and telling him how much I loved him.

My in-laws had come by that time and my MIL managed to sneak in. It was kinda embarrassing given my state of dress (or rather undress) and that was when my Gynac came in too. She told me my pain had suddenly progressed too fast because of which I couldn’t be given an epidural, checked me, broke my water, asked me to do a sample push and declared I was crowning. This was when I was truly in a delirium and kept telling my Mom and MIL that I wanted my husband.

My breathing exercises were honestly  chants of my husbands name…Damn! that man should be devoted to me cause of this! I got wayyy too Patri-vrata during this period I think. But ladies, the breathing exercises were really helpful. I had read that breathing should be something like 3 sharp inhales and 1 long exhale. What I’m going to reveal is extremely funny so feel free to laugh… Now my hubbies name is Jayant. So my breathing went something like this : Ja-aa-aa-yaaaannnntttt! (3sharp inhales and one long exhale)..

I’m sure everyone must be laughing their heads off by now, but believe me this helped..Take any word and try!

Since it was time to be wheeled to the OT, I had to put down my phone. My hubs told me later that the doctor came out to inform themthat I was being wheeled in. Being scared after hearing my painful whimpers (yes, I maintained the no-cry thngy), he told the doc to do a C-Sec if it was too painful to which the doc said, ‘Not required, just give me 10mins.’ And right she was!

I was wheeled in and was asked to spread my legs as far apart as possible and push. Now my problem is that I can’t spread too much and the assistant doc had to finally hold them apart and I was told to push. That was it…One bloodcurling cry (my hubs tells me he never heard a more horrifying rendition of his name) and 1 mighty push later, my baby was out! bang on 10mins!

I was so tired by this time that I felt nothing after that. I remember being shown my smiling baby (yes, she came into this world smiling) who then proceeded to cry the crap out of everyone. 😛 I was then stitched up and wheeled back into my room …

I still remember that time and get this smile on my face thinking of how everything happened in a jiffy..Its so ironical..Technically, I was in labor for more than a month and then at the final stage it took just 40 mins from the time I was induced to pop out my angel…No wonder pregnancy and delivery is said to be nothing short of a miracle!

Ladies, pls do share your delivery story too! Write in to us and submit your stories…It’s so much fun to re-live those moments and I guarantee they will bring a smile to your face..

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  1. “I also clipped my nails and applied polish to my toes (yes, I did that) wanting my toes to look good since that was possibly the first part of me the baby would see..Crazy but ahh well, Preggy women are entitled to their idiosyncrasies right? I also pinged A and Shwe to tell them along with all my other colleagues (I was THAT excited)” —–


  2. nidhi tiwary says:

    Lovely…m not been able to cherish my labour but yes it is d most memorable thing..:)

  3. Hi Nidhi,

    Funny side aside…Zee your birth story is beautiful and mine was depressing and horrifying..Infact after seeing my condition my mom gets sad and depressed ..

    • Awww.. I think every delivery story has it’s horrifying moments and beautiful moments. When I ask my mom she still breaks out crying saying ke shed never ever seen me in such pain ever and in such a delirium..wot I honestly think helped was dat I was walking most f d time..lying down just made d pain worse..

    • nidhi tiwary says:

      Hi anamika,
      Very true…still labour room staff haven’t forget my scream

  4. I’ve been dilly-dallying my baby plans as I’m too scared of pain and trauma. You hv written the story in a really funny way Zara, I kept laughing throughout 😀 ……But I’m even more scared now 🙁

    • I won’t say don’t b scared since if u weren’t u wudnt b human but bliv me when I say the memory of the pain doesn’t last…the memory of the struggle does but not the pain..

  5. hahah this day i remember… ana n i kept whatsapping each other with me hounding ana every hr…any news? any news?? hehehe !

  6. I had shampooed my hair..clipped my nails applied nail polish…its fair enough i feel

    • Sakhiu kno, I used to shampoo my hair daily coz A had told me if I have a CSec I won’t b able to wash them for a long time…and in anticipation of a delivery I’d wash every single day and hope to God I’d pop soon 😛

  7. I ironed my hair before going and then didn’t get to wash my hair for a week :pain: C section sucks.

  8. Enjoyed reading your story thoroughly!! 🙂 🙂 A hatke view of childbirth , for sure !!
    Your story was horrifying yet funny and miraculous! 😛 😛

  9. But zee with this i realised that you are a strong lady although u don’t think so u r one 😛

    • Haha! I am strong ya but del ke time sabko phat Jati’s an unimaginable situation… No amt of prep can ready us fr the actual thing..

  10. Zara.. the most funny part i found was..u got your toes polish..!! 😀 After reading your story..m even scarred..!!
    As you said… breathing exercise with Ja-aa-aa-yaaaannnntttt! I am trying with my hubby’s name…BHARAT.. HAHAHAA ..!!!! Funny me……
    I am due on 19th Nov…god knows what kind of scene i am gonna create..!!! Hope i too will write a good story 🙂

    • Arre Rajal, pata hai the previous nght there was a gujju gal in labor and her MIL was wid her..she kept screaming at her MIL ke ‘mujhe dusra bach anai chaiyye tha..aapko hi chaiyye tha abhi lo! nikalo isko!’ that had freaked me out so much i tell u!

  11. Lmao!! painted your toenails and whatsapped :p you had a pretty non scary delivery Zara. My delivery experience gives me goosebumps till now. I took epidural but it did nothing to reduce my pain and i had labor pains for over 10 hours:(

    • well, i consider myself lucky that there were no threatening complications but yea i think fact that the pain didn’t scare me as much as it wud to other is that id bin going thru it already on n off for over amonth..for me having lab pains daily for a few hours was routine na.. but yes, i do wish cud have had an my head i still think of it as a magical potion which would have saved me from the pain…

      but seriously, the epi dint help at all?

  12. Loved reading it honestly 🙂 , I Have seen Pravi on FB (Not a stalker haa!) she is really adorable and smiling in all pics 🙂 And taking your hubby’s name during labour is cute according to me not funny!! One thing didn’t get, why didn’t the doctor allow him to be with you during labour? Does the trend still goes on here in India?

    • by him I mean your hubby.

    • yep…Most hosps here in Pune don’t allow it.. My hosp had one room where the hubby could join, but the cost was waay too high given th efact that incase of a CSec he’d still have to be sent out..I didnt think it was worth it..

      but yea..i do wish it were a common occurence for hubbies to join us during delivery..My dad was there when I was delivered and he describes it to be the most beautiful moment when he got to hold me first before they even cleaned me up!

      • Yeah…in Western countries it is so common na , I Thought by now it is common in India too,but obviouslly if it is not common in Pune, then must be the same everywhere else aswell.

      • nidhi tiwary says:

        True that’s why we didn’t booked d suite.

        • I delivered in a very non-descript, no-frills hospital in Bangalore and my mom and hubby were with me throughout because I had warned my gynaec that I would hold back and refuse to push if my hubby wasn’t allowed. Seeing the crazy, lunatic, preggie female, my gynaec herself suggested the hospital and promised me that he would be allowed inside. In return, she said she wont do a C-section unless mine or the baby’s life was in danger. Talk about give and take! :p During delivery, my gynaec even casually asked my husband if he would like to cut the cord! Wow!! That was amazing! He was the first to see the baby, since my mom was at my head and got to cut the cord too. I dont know how many times I thanked the doc for allowing this!

          • That is so awesome ya! these r d kind of things which make the moment special! I wish more hosps wud do this as a practise….

            Y don’t u send us ur delivery story Preeti? M sure it will b a big mood lifter for all..

          • aww…your looks like a dream delievery and its good to know how cooperative these gynac are these days 🙂

  13. Hi Zara..Beautiful Story 🙂 Could me tell the name of your gynac? I am also from pune.

  14. hey zee lovely story :))..i didnt get scared yayyy!!! lol
    btw what was your actual due date AND did they cut u or you tore on your own..i am scared of it a lot.. 🙁 how many stitches did you get..

  15. oh itna jaldi!! they must have kept the baby in the hospital for few weeks then?

    • Nana…I was der for 4days…baby was healthy so no prob…babies r kept in the incubator nly if their lungs are not yet developed or for any other health reason..but I’d bin given booster shots in my 7th month when I went into labor n dint kno if I’d pop or not, so it wasn’t docs say that as long as th ebay completes 8mts there’s no danger at all.. 🙂

  16. oh thats a relief then!! 😀 😀

  17. size chotu hoga na :)) awwwiieee

  18. i have pcod and i am ttc hope all will get fine… ur story is kinda funny and also filled with emotions… we alwayz expect hubby’s to be on side in case of pain na

  19. Zara, loved the way you described your experience. Normal delivery without an epidural, all I can say is WOW..hats off..
    Even my baby is march 2013 born..same pinch..:)

  20. Zara, reading your birthing story write up is like talking to you. So frank and outspoken. My daughter was also born On mar30th , but 2011. The only thIng which was on my mind (after i was induced)was that she should not be born on April 1st:)

  21. Navneet Thethi says:

    Every woman has a dif story, n so was mine,
    Zara, after so much pain, one thing was great on ur side that it was a normal delivery at last. Mine 1st was C-sec and this time my doc has already told, it wil b c-sec.
    Nice reading ur experience

  22. still awaiting moderation??

  23. I m so late in commenting….actually I read ur story just few min bak….I want to know one thing…how the hell u managed to bend down and paint ur toes….u know I couldn’t see my toes standing straight after my 7th month…but lovely story esp “JAAaaaaaayant”

  24. lolz…i was asked to remove toe nail polish!!
    I had a breech baby (head up position) and hence had no other option other than a c-section…
    a c-section which always worried me coz a 6 inch stitch is always bad than a 1 inch stitch i believe!!
    and then i also had a problem of flat nipples (ie., literally i had no nipples) My baby was not able to latch on, she used to suck 1 hour or so and still remained hungry, i suffered from sore nipples as a result of my baby’s bite, and then crack and bleeding nipples! oh, what a horrible 1 months i spent!

    • Suck for 1hour!! Oh lord! I can’t even imagine that !n pre, in a breech do they turn d baby first or directly cut?

      • In initial days milk supply is very less…that was main reason in my case that my daughter used to keep sucking on and on…
        turning the baby is not possible…otherwise i could have had a normal delivery after turning…
        doctors just inject local anesthesia in spinal cord and make the incision to take out the baby…

  25. OMG this is so cute…you have a great style of writing! hehe only a make up enthusiast like you can think of applying bb cream and all in labour!!

    I am almost 7 months now, bit worried about labour and delivery. I hope I have a normal one like you.

    • Haha! I was determined dat i wudnt luk haggard post del but u kno wot …its d time i was done i lukd like a truck had run over me! No bb cream cn mask dat.. 😉

      N dnt worryvall will go well…eat well n b healthy..

  26. One of my cousion had a breech baby and some how doc managed to turn him down…but in 9 month i guess it is not possible..May be in your case it was different

  27. hi zara, ur presentation s really cute… i can picture the love relation u share with ur hubs when u shared ur breathing routine… .am expecting n my date comes on jan 11… am excited as well as scared too… i get goosebumz wen my lil baby jumps with full swing… my hubs comes on weekends only as he s wrking out of state…n everytime he tries to feel our baby…but to his bad luck our chunnu would be sleeping (v guess so)…n i tries to wake my chunnu up…calling my baby, pampering my kidu…n then chunnu jumps to make its popz feel proud of me!!!!!!!!! he says tat i have trained our kidu from now on, tat it obeys my words… i really feel proud n honoured when he says so… n u know wat, my mom is so damn worried.. everyday, she rings me up, sometimes to advise me, or to share her “granny dream”…. my sis has found a list of baby names n has even commanded tat naming s her right… nyways am looking ahead to see my lil baby… i just pray for a healthy baby….:)

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