Pigeon Electric Breast Pump And Feeding Set Review



Pigeon Electric Breast Pump & Feeding Set

About Pigeon Electric Breast Pump And Feeding Set :-

The Electric Breast Pump is convenient, lightweight, portable, and allows one-handed operation. Installed with a unique suction control button for greater comfort, it allows mother to control the sucking rhythm, while the soft nipple stimulator helps initiate the flow of milk.


  • This Breast Pump comes in with a feeding set
  • Made of soft rubber
  • It is operated by battery

Price: Rs.2500.You can buy Pigeon breast pump from flipkart here

My experience with Pigeon Electric Breast Pump:

Breast Pumps are not very famous in India. Our parents might have never seen these accessories. With increased rate of working mothers, the feeding accessories are getting some importance now.


Pigeon Electric Breast Pump & Feeding Set Review+breast pumps


Since there is very limited knowledge about the breast pumps among Indian mothers, selecting the type of breast pump for use, its efficiency, the cost, all become a very huge challenge. I have purchased 3 breast pumps to suck out milk from my breasts. The initial two breast pumps went waste. (I do not remember which one was purchased for me. I was very indifferent towards all these mother care and baby care brands then.) Third purchase was Pigeon Electric Breast Pump which worked well for me. Even when this Pigeon Electric Breast Pump was purchased I had thought this could be again money down the drain.

Pigeon Electric Breast Pump is battery operated, it is compatible with power adapter too. But the pack does not contain any adapter. I bought it separately later on. Initially I used it in battery mode. The entire set contains the electric motor along with the sucking and vacuum creating accessories for extracting milk, 2 samples of Pigeon breast pads, a feeding bottle set, a stand to place the entire pumping set. There are some accessories that help in cleaning pump. Well, I have never used those cleaning accessories. Now I am left with only the main parts that help in sucking out milk. I have misplaced all the other minor parts.


Pigeon Electric Breast Pump & Feeding Set Review detachable+breast pump


The motor has two main buttons, one sliding power button, and another press button to release the suction. When the breasts are full the pump works amazingly wonderful. Breast milk flows out as though you have just opened up a tap for flowing out This pump has helped me a lot when I suffered breast abscess, when I had to return back to my profession leaving behind my new born baby, store the milk for later use when I had to visit public places. A boon in disguise. To clean the bottle and pumping tube, I used to sterilize the entire set.

The major draw back of this pump is that it eats up battery a lot. I had to replace the batteries every third day. So, imagine how much battery you will have to invest in. I have felt that the motor is better when used in battery mode than in power adaptor mode.


Pigeon Electric Breast Pump & Feeding Set Review motor+breast pump reviews


And yeah, the motor makes a drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr sound. :-). I guess this problem has been refined and a new product has been release by the brand with increased rate.

Overall, a very nice product that comes handy to all working, non working new mothers.

Rating: 4.5/5



What I like about Pigeon Electric Breast Pump:

  • Very efficient in extracting breast milk.
  • Helps feed you infant when you are out of your home.
  • The set comes with feeding set and sample of breast pads.


What I do not like about Pigeon Electric Breast Pump:-


  • It is not very efficient in power adapter mode.
  • The motor is not silent.
  • It eats up lot of battery.

Have you tried Pigeon Electric Breast Pump?


  1. I remember everybody suggested me this before my pregnancy but I waited a bit …thankfully i didn’t need any of the breast pumping instrument 🙂

  2. I used a manual one first fromhilips avent n then medela electric wala…I liked the electric wala more..made life so much easier!

  3. i didn’t use any although i think i missed the experience 🙁

  4. This is my first time visit at here and i am actually impressed to read all at one place.

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