My Breastfeeding Experience

Get ready for breast feeding.

Breast feeding is a boon and power God has given all mothers. Breast feeding is a wonderful way to bond with your new born. The first milk you produce after delivery is rich of antibodies and a perfect starter food for your new born. The baby is generally very receptive of breast feeding immediately after birth. To help your bay suck better you have to prepare yourself from the time you are in your second trimester. This is very very important.

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How important is breastfeeding, how important is breastfeeding for baby,

 Not all expecting mothers know about the importance of breast nipple shaping. Prior to birth, breast nipple usually seems to be normal in shape and easy for feeding. But your new born has very tiny mouth and very little space in mouth, and well, very little energy to suck. So, post delivery, the nipples should be super soft and pointed for the ease of sucking. The real importance of the breast nipples will be known when the baby comes from the womb to earth. New born babies are very sensitive and they never compromise with hard nipples, nipples with no sufficient length and even to an extent of old collected milk in your breast.

Nipples come in all shapes and sizes. Some mothers will have inverted nipple and some will have flat nipples too. This will cause great inconvenience to both mother and her infant. When the breast gets fuller with milk, nipple also gets stretched and looses the usual shape that was present post delivery. Thus, the baby does not get enough latch. To handle tight breast tissues post delivery and less elastic prepare yourself right from when you are in the fifth month of pregnancy.

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 How To Prepare For Breastfeeding:-

  • Massaging breast and nipple

Massaging is the best gift that can be given to an expecting mother. It soothes all superficial knots that have occurred due to hormonal change on the breasts. Massaging also helps reduce excess fat in the breast. Breasts are the part in a women’s body with highest amount of fat content.

If you ease the fat content, there will be more elasticity and softness at the nipple. A prolonged massage to the nipple is very much essential to reduce the fat around it.

Good oil is a must for massaging the breast and nipple. Pure coconut oil or pure ghee is the best alternative for massaging oil. The oil will help reduce excess fat, retain elasticity around the nipple and maintain the shape of the nipple and help avoid all the problems of breast feeding after delivery.

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Nipple Crack During Breastfeeding

Cracking of nipple is another issue post delivery. With continuous oil massage for month’s together, nipple cracking can also be avoided. The oil massage provides enough moisturizing to the nipple to handle the sudden impact of continuous sucking.

My experience

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I hope this post was helpful. Matter composed out of my post delivery experiences of breast feeding. Adding further information, one of my nipples hardened in just one day after delivery and subsequently condition got worst with milk accumulating and baby refusing to suck from hard nipples. And then all suggestions started pouring in, you should have massaged with olive oil/coconut oil/ghee from the beginning of your pregnancy!! Why didn’t any one tell me before!!! Can I massage now?? Was my question. What’s the use now!!! There is already so much pain, baby will hate all the smell of the massage oil, and baby will not wait for so long till my nipple is back in shape, above all more and more milk is collecting with baby not able to drink even a drop. So finally, my baby was fed with just one breast (Thank god at least one was fine) for one and a half years. Even to this day, the hardened nipple shape is not proper.

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  1. o.. initial couple o days even i had issues. n i used to bring it in front wid a syringe obviously not wid the needle.. lol.. but thats very painful n i stopped.. n wid days it got better.. n i til date dont no how to control the milk flow.. ppl said stuff but never worked.. n the milk flow was harsh n he used to start coughin every time… only later i realized how beautiful all this is.. initial days i never felt a thing abt anythin./. lol… now i cant get enough o him..

  2. i have same milk flow problem and i use nursing pads …I wish i knew about this oil thing before.Initially i was scared of the whole concept of feeding but my family helped me out .. after my surgery every one use to ask me to feed the baby but i didnt’ feel like because of the pain but then i did thinking every one will have to put in extra effort of strelizing the bottle and all..

    • agreed, pain is the main reason that drains out half of your life. EVery one else is enjoying with the new born..but the mother is still struggling….

  3. it is surprising how the attention just completely shifts away from you..every body is thinking abt the child heath and mother is the one who is thinking the least because the pain is unbearable even to experience the happiness.

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