DreamBaby Door Stopper (Child Safety Product)

DreamBaby Door Stopper  Child safety is one priority in a parent’s life. The safety measures differ as and when the child grows. To help manage the situations there are so many options and measures to ensure that no accident happens with the child. One such helping brand is Dreambaby. The dream baby safety product I am showing you here is a Door Stopper.     About the brand: Dreambaby is a brand that started in 1998 which focuses on child safety. It develops new … [Read more...]

Earth Mama Angel Baby Shampoo & Body Wash Review

Earth Mama Angel Baby Shampoo If you are mother of a baby girl then there will be a constant effort to keep her skin healthy and soft. Not only skin, with the little leftover time you will try your level best to dress her up nicely and other zillion things which you want to do for your child. Of course, when they grow up then they will think that it's God's gift to them :D. I try my level best to use as mild products as  possible on my baby. Last time when I came across Earth Mama Angel … [Read more...]

Cloth Diapers India

Very few in our country are aware of babies cloth diapers and this is the reason they are not easily available. I got to know about cloth diapers when I was checking out Target's online website. They had a wide variety of cloth diapers and were affordable as well. I have been using cloth diapers since Anvika turned six months old and there are many reasons behind it. With a cloth diaper baby gets potty trained fast. My daughter is now 10 month old and now she is getting bit trained. I … [Read more...]

100 Indian Baby Girls Names

  Indian baby girl names Selecting name for our baby began when I was in my last trimester. We had a great belief that we  would have a a baby girl… When we started with female names, every body popped a confused question towards me and my husband….”You already know it is a girl… !!??”. … No, we did not know. But yet our faith came  true.     My hubby was adamant on naming our daughter as Neha. I was stuck to Avanni. Oooops… we have had so many arguments and … [Read more...]

Weight Loss Guideline – Step 2 – Important

  I am so sorry about the infrequent updates…I was in Melbourne on a project and I am having to manage my personal & professional life…it’s such a struggle. Plus the 5 1/2 hours difference was a killer…not helped by day light savings here L I feel like it is 6.30 PM when it’s already 10-11 PM and can’t sleep till 3-4 AM, apart from being at client location by 8 AM. Back to business… Ah…after Ana’s article…I realize how many of us are kicked about this topic. I mean this must be … [Read more...]

Mothercare Disposable Cold Water Sterliser Bag Review

Mothercare Disposable Bag  Sterilizing bottle was my biggest concern while preparing for my trip and idea of keeping the whole sterilizer in the suitcase was kind of foolish.I then came across few methods and then zeroed in on Mothercare disposable cold water sterilizer bags. I first checked them online and found them pretty expensive.It costs Rs 749 and there are seven disposable bags in it.I thought of checking out ShoppersStop if they had any better option available .To my surprise it … [Read more...]

5 Great Milk Recipes For Kids

How did you fare in the job of drinking milk when you were a child?? Fussy or a good child. If you were a milk fussy child, then I am sure your great mother must have invented ways to make you drink a glass of milk in your routine. So is my turn now. I have to alter the taste of milk for my daughter to gulp her share of milk everyday. Some how time and situation has taught me to use my common senses.  Below are some of the flavors I add to the milk for my daughter. Boiled Carrot In … [Read more...]

10 Golden Travel Tips & Must Have Things For Travel Loving Mom

You are a new age mother who still wants to go out and doesn't believe in staying indoors all the time. We are after all human beings and a new addition in life doesn't mean we have to sacrifice all that we loved. I had a C section and I went out for a movie just after 28 days. All you need is a little determination, will power and strength. It initially used to scare me when women talked about how they didn't step out from home for fun after their baby was born for six months, an year and some … [Read more...]

My Weight Loss Before & After PCOS

Weight loss has become a sensitive topic now. Post pregnancy body was expected to stay like that for long long time. I have seen my cousins putting on weight and never coming back to their pre pregnancy weight.It did scare me because accepting your new fat body is so damn difficult. I still remember opening my wardrobe , packing everything and dumping all my favourite clothes into bed box .That time I thought I won't be able to wear these clothes back in this life. There was some hope left that … [Read more...]

Pigeon Cooling Teether Duck (Orange) Review

Pigeon as a brand seems to be amazing when it comes to baby products. Worth the price and affordable too. This post is about a teether from Pigeon brand. There are varieties of teethers to choose. Details: Safety Features  -              Filled with Safe Certified Sterilized Water Other Features   -              Stimulates Development of Babies Mouth and Fingers, Ideal Shape for Baby to Chew and Grasp, Wide Handle, Soothes Gums. Price: Rs.170 My experience with Pigeon Teether: Teether is … [Read more...]