What To Do When Baby Has Dandruff Like Dry Patches On The Scalp

  With the birth of the baby, alot of other issues takes birth too.. One issue which I see needs some discussion here is Cradle Cap. What is Cradle Cap? How seriuos the matter is? What needs to be done? Do I need to show my baby to the doctor? So many questions! Simple, Cradle Cap is not life threatening. It is neither related to baby hygeine nor related to the way how baby is taken care of. But it does come along with the new born babies, stays on for couple of initial months and even … [Read more...]

How Often Do You Change Your Baby’s Feeding Bottles?

  There are so many brands that provide excellent quality baby accessories. Feeding bottles are one of the easily available baby care accessories. Though the purchase is of the best quality, it definitely needs checking and re-checking considering the health of your baby. It is mainly milk that is fed to your baby with these feeding bottles. And the slightest mistake in cleaning or maintaining hygiene can lead to infections and health problems to your … [Read more...]

Farlin Safety Cotton Buds for Babies Review – Cleaning Baby Ears

Farlin Safety Cotton Buds - Cleaning Baby Ears Having your 1st baby comes with a chunk of all new firsts na? The first time you cut your babies nails, the first time you clean their potty  (Sorry, i just had to include that), the first time you bathe them and even the first time you clean their ears. We clean our own ears so frequently that it never seems to be a great task to clean your babies...that is until you have a hyper-wriggly baby in your lap and have no idea how to clean their ear … [Read more...]

When is the right time for potty training

  There is no hard and fast rule that is set about potty training age. It is based on the fact of 3 baby C’s. Convenience, Comfortableness Confidence. For babies under the age of 2 there is absolutely no chance to control when they pee or poo. This is because their controlling muscles would not have grown to such an extent. But you can keep explaining the fact that they have to inform before thy release. This point will be grasped since their understanding capability would … [Read more...]

How To Care For Your Baby’s Umbilical Cord

Umbilical cord care is the foremost knowledge a new mother should have. This was where you were connected to your baby prior to birth. Once the mother delivers the baby, the baby’s umbilical cod will be clamped ad cut accordingly. As a responsible mother you need to take proper care of the cord until it heals and dries completely. Tips To  Care For Your Baby Umbilical Cord:-Some important suggestions I had received while I was still in my maternity hospital When the cord is … [Read more...]

8 Baby Constipation Remedies

  Constipation is one of the problems in babies when you begin to give other things to baby  apart from our breast milk. Usually babies mostly breast fed do not tend to get constipation. When you introduce formula feed and other baby food chances of your baby getting constipated are higher . What is constipation? In simple words, constipation is a situation where there is infrequent bowel movement i.e. hard to pass out.     The usual complaint of a mother … [Read more...]

How To Clean Baby Tongue|Candid Mouth Paint

I still remember the day I went to the pediatrician for my baby’s first vaccination. I was so tensed of a long needle being pierced on such a tiny body. :-(. Damn………..why can’t all vaccines be oral? Ok, this article is not about vaccines. :-). But something that caught my pediatrician’s attention on that day. After he pierced my baby, she was wailing on top of her voice with her mouth wide open. She was just 10 days then. The doc asked ‘Since when is her tongue got that white residues? … [Read more...]

7 Remedies For Cold In Infants

Weather changes always bring about changes in health. This fact is valid for both adults and kids. Babies are no exception. Catching cold is one common health problem. My baby has faced this every now and then. And nose blocking is followed by default. This becomes a major problem for both baby and mother. Baby cannot sleep well with blocked nose. And sleep deprived babies are very difficult to be handled. :-(. Medication is a must in this case too. I usually turned to my pediatrician. And … [Read more...]

A Pregnancy Must Have: The Pregnancy Journal

Have any of you who've been pregnant before happen to get your hands on a pregnancy journal? Or maybe made one yourself? Or those of you who are yet to step into this world, don't you imagine filling up/ writing your journal of how your pregnancy has been proceeding so that after a few years, you can read it and have a good laugh and reminisce? When I got pregnant, that's exactly what I planned to do. But being lazy, I quit after a few days..It was a bit boring to write in a notebook … [Read more...]

Common Infant Digestive Problems

Common Infant Digestive Problems First time parenting is a lovely experience!   There's no bigger joy than to hold your baby into your arms and see her smile. However, not everything is as rosy and given that a baby cannot speak for her/himself or convey its problems, dealing with baby troubles specially digestive ones is a challenging task. Being parents, you love your baby immeasurably and to see her crying due to pain often breaks your heart and numbs your senses.  It makes it even more … [Read more...]