How To Puree And Store Food For Toddlers

  How To Puree And Store Food For Toddlers Hello mommies, Feeding toddlers the right way is often a little tricky than you may think of. Preparing and storing foods for toddlers is at times not done in the right way which does more of harm than any good. Making the purees looks like an easy thing, just a blender and a couple of ingredients and you blend a puree. But is it all limited to do this.     Blending and storing in jar is all that you think how baby food … [Read more...]

How To Keep Kid’s Lips Moisturised

By Mrinalini How To Keep Kid’s Lips Moisturised Dear Mammas! Taking care of babies can be quite a task, but an extremely rewarding one, no doubt. You want the best of the best for your baby at any cost. Be it their food, their clothes or their skincare products,the tiny bundles of joy deserves the purest. So when it comes to issues like skincare for your babies, you are always looking for the mildest product available. Something that will not be harsh on your baby’s delicate … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Keep Baby Awake During The Day

5 Ways To Keep Baby Awake During The Day Most babies sleep through the day and stay awake during the night. It is tiresome for parents. You can do some simple things to keep your newborn awake during the day. The point is to keep them awake for an optimum period and never to keep them awake forcefully. Staying awake whole day or for long duration is not good for baby's health. First of all limit your caffeine intake as it passes through breast milk to your baby and prevents them from … [Read more...]

Is Honey Good For Children’s Cough?

Is Honey Good For Children's Cough? The answer is- Yes! Honey has the power to treat coughing in children. It is a old and time tested remedy in many homes and even science supports it. The efficacy of honey as  a cough remedy lies in the fact that it is quite viscous. Honey soothes mucous membranes and when there is no irritation, there is no cough. Honey coats the throat and its taste stimulates the formation of saliva. Saliva helps in thinning the mucous and thus causes reduction in bouts of … [Read more...]

How To Deal With Infant Gas Problem India

How To Deal With Infant Gas Problem India Infants are very likely to suffer from colic and gas problems. They may take gas inside while breast feeding or bottle feeding. Crying also causes gas intake. Gas causes stomach pain and bloating. Babies feel uncomfortable and this may even prevent them from sleeping. Crying from pain may cause more as intake. You can use some of these tips To Deal With Infant Gas Problem- Feeding Position The right feeding position is of importance if you do … [Read more...]

5 Activities To Keep 8 Month Old Occupied

5 Activities To Keep 8 Month Old Occupied A mother needs to do a lot of things but with a baby in tow, getting things can get tricky. Even simple chores may seem like a task if your baby does not leave you even for a minute. It is essential that you help your baby in getting rid of this habit. It can be the first step towards keeping them occupied. A popular trick is to play peek-a-boo with little ones. Leave them on their own, walk out of the room and come back in a few seconds saying … [Read more...]

Pacifier Myths & The Truth About Pacifiers (Pacifier Series 3) + Video

  Pacifier Myths And The Truth About Pacifiers (Pacifier Series 3) I’m here with the third part of our Pacifier Series. As I already mentioned that my daughter used a pacifier from when she was 2 months old till the age of 15 months. She is of 20 months now and I think this is the right time to burst some myths related to usage of pacifiers- Myth 1- If your kid uses pacifier, they will definitely have buck teeth. This is not true. It is the prolonged usage of pacifier that may … [Read more...]

Pros and Cons Of Using A Pacifier/ Soother (Pacifier Series 2) + Video

Pros and Cons Of using A Pacifier/ Soother (Pacifier Series 2) Hi! I hope you liked our first video of the series that dealt with the dos and don'ts regarding the use of pacifiers. today I am explaining the pros and cons of using a pacifier. As I mentioned earlier that my daughter is 15 months old and she started using a soother from when she was around 2 months old. I have weaned her away from pacifiers just 2 months ago and I think its the right time to do a series on … [Read more...]

10 Foods To Keep Your Baby Warm In Winters

10 Foods To Keep Your Baby Warm In Winters Covering your kids with lots of layers of clothes definitely protects them from cold weather but there is more that you can do about it. There are many food items that can be given to kids to keep them warm. These foods can be given as a part of their normal diet. Besides keeping them warm, these foods also provide a lot of nutrients to your toddlers. The most well-known foods to keep your toddler warm in winter are- Spices   Many spices … [Read more...]

Pacifier Series (Part 1): Dos and Don’ts Of Using A Pacifier/ Soother

Pacifier Series (Part 1): Dos and Don’ts Of Using A Pacifier/ Soother Hello everyone, Today I shall talk about a very common and most talked thing called PACIFIER or SOOTHER. These have been a topic of discussion over the years and there is lot of confusion about it, It they are good for babies or bad! We have decided to do a four parts series about Pacifiers. There are a lot of questions and myths about it. Mothers are usually in two minds whether they should use a pacifier or not? We … [Read more...]