Burts Bees Baby Bees Nourishing Lotion Review

Burts Bees Baby Bees Nourishing Lotion I was a big fan of Burts Bees and was super happy when I came to know they had a seperate range for Babies too. I couldnt find it anywhere but then 1 day happened to see it on Hopscotch for a decent price and ordered it right away. I've been using it for long now and since have used it during both summers and winters thought it the perfect time to review this lotion :-) About Burts Bees Baby Bees Nourishing Lotion Nature’s all-stars come together … [Read more...]

Survival Guide For A New Mother

Survival Guide For A New Mother   Whether you are waiting for your soon-to-be-born or have just returned from hospital with your bundle of joy, you are in for a lot of surprises. Whatever you have read or heard about life after a baby can be super-useful for you if you are lucky but there is a high chance that all that will turn out to be trash. The truth is that you and your baby will be your best teacher in coping with life after a baby.   Here are some things that may … [Read more...]

10 Tips To Manage Twins

10 Tips To Manage Twins   TWINS … it is so good to look at two cute babies together and to play with them is always a treat. But ask the mother of the twin babies, how does she manage them? Not an easy thing even to imagine then think upon how hard it is actually to take care of twins. Every family makes adjustments for a new baby and when there are twins coming, we need to take a lot of extra adjustments and care. Twins double the happiness but they do come with a demand of double … [Read more...]

How To Encourage Your Kid For Singing And Dancing

How To Encourage Your Kid For Singing and Dancing ??? Singing and dancing are great ways to gain physical and emotional benefits as exercising. Both singing and dancing help kids stay healthy, happy and inculcate fast learning abilities too. Being physically active also helps increase your child’s skills and enhance their brain power. A recent study published by the Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics found that live music can be beneficial for babies. Live music helps slow a … [Read more...]

5 Things To Do When Your Baby Starts Crawling

5 Things To Do when Your Baby Starts Crawling   So finally your baby has crossed another milestone and has started crawling. It is a super-happy moment for every parent but it is essential that you don't undermine some important steps that you need to take now. You have to save your curious angel from getting hurt and you also need to make them learn new things now. Baby-Proofing This is the most important step and should be first on your list. Secure all drawers with the … [Read more...]

Pigeon Baby Wipes Review

  Pigeon Baby Wipes   About Pigeon Baby Wipes: Constant changing of nappies tends to make the skin of your baby itchy and rough. Using a normal cloth to wipe your baby is just not good enough. That is why the Pigeon baby Wipes are so perfect for your child. They contain organic extracts from chamomile and rosehip. The Rosehip extracts contains derivative of vitamin A, natural tretinoin and rich vitamin C that effectively helps to moisturize delicate baby skin. They contain the … [Read more...]

7 Ways To Keep A 1 Year Old Toddler Busy

 7 Ways To Keep A 1 Year Old Toddler Busy   I see a lot of moms asking these questions. “I can’t find enough ways to keep my toddler busy. Never a moment’s rest. I have to wait till my baby sleeps, then I get to do my chores, etc.” These are common problems with easy solutions. We just need to think of innovative ways to keep our little ones occupied productively. Since I am a hyper active mom naturally I am always trying to plan ahead. Sometimes I succeed and then again at times I … [Read more...]

4 Interesting Ways Of Using Your Baby Stroller

4 Interesting Ways Of Using Your Baby Stroller   A stroller is considered a must have for every mom the minute she steps into motherhood. Whether it’s a short trip to the neighbourhood, an evening walk, shopping spree in a mall or a travel expedition, a stroller does an excellent job of taking the load off your shoulder and making it much easier for you to carry your baby around. Perhaps, it is one of the best ways after the baby carrier, to keep your baby close to you without exhausting … [Read more...]

5 Tips To Care For Your Baby’s Umbilical Cord

  How To Care For Your Baby's Umbilical Cord   When you think about the umbilical cord, the word fascinating comes to your mind. I was completely amazed and loved the idea that my son and I shared the same heartbeat. However, once my son was born and the cord was cut it didn’t look so appealing. Well, also blame it on post-partum as nothing really seemed appealing those days. But seriously after the umbilical cord is cut and tied after the baby’s birth it definitely looks a lot … [Read more...]

6 Popular Home Remedies For Handling Diaper Rash

  6 Popular Home Remedies for Handling Diaper Rash   Diaper or nappy rash is one of the most annoying things that often a first time mom has to battle with. And no matter what you do or how much care you take, you would have to face it at least once in early years of your baby’s life. So, instead of feeling guilty about it just be ready with the methods that can help you prevent the rashes as soon as they raise their ugly heads :-D A diaper rash is usually caused due to the … [Read more...]