Best and Worst Drinks For Your Toddler

   By Nandidni Aravind Best and Worst Drinks For Your Toddler   In this day and age it is so tough to decide on what is good and bad for your child. Media hounds you with tempting ads of junk food and colorful attractive drinks and tries to tempt your child, you on the other hand feel helpless like you’re losing to a battle that can't be won. But with some determination and patience on our end we can get our children to have healthier choices than letting them slip by into the … [Read more...]

How To Cope With The Arrival Of A New Baby & Toddler

  By Nandini Aravind How to cope with the arrival of a new baby and toddler? So you have decided to jump back onto the saddle and start everything from scratch again. But you have begun to have sleepless nights already thinking about how your little one will respond to your love being shared with a tiny, needy baby! Even if your toddler shows excitement for the arrival of her sibling, it all may change once the baby does arrive. The way your toddler behaves will partially depend on … [Read more...]

6 Baby Products A New Mom Can Do Without

6 Baby Products A New Mom Can Do Without   A baby store is overcrowded with impossibly cute baby stuffs. The incredibly cute blankets, pretty clothes, colourful baby shoes, lovely baby bassinets, oh-so-cute hooded towels, diaper pails, toys, sweet stuffed animals, chick baby carrier, cutesy diaper bags plus a lot many things all vying for an all too excited new mom’s attention. But, do you really need to buy all the baby stuff that is present in the … [Read more...]

Must Read Posts On Baby Pregnancy Care : Volume 1

Must Read Posts On Baby Pregnancy Care : Volume 1   7 Tips For A Budget Birthday Celebration At Home This is actually that kind of pot which will give a lot of ideas in case you are not able to decide how to celebrate your little one's birthday. Right from the party essentials to arrangements, decoration, food everything is covered her and in case you don't want to spends heaps of money on celebrating their birthday and want to keep it sweet & simple, do take note of this post go … [Read more...]

Patanjali Divya Badam Rogan For Kids Massage & Benefits

Patanjali Divya Badam Rogan For Kids Massage & Benefits- Hello People, You must be aware of the numerable benefits of Almond oil in skincare for beauty purposes but few of us are still unaware of the unique benefits of this oil for the baby skincare & massage session. I am here to share my views regarding the importance of this oil in taking care of my daughters skin as I use this oil for massaging my daughter. About Patanjali Divya Badam Rogan- Divya Badam rogan almond oil is a … [Read more...]

How To Chose Safe Toys For Your Baby

How To Chose Safe Toys For Your Baby   How safe or harmful are the Plastic Toys that your baby plays with? There is some news or the other about the harmful effects of plastic and to think that our precious little ones actually put them in their mouth. Very depressing. When my baby was an infant we did a lot of research on what grade of plastic is good and what isn’t. Some chemicals like PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) are extremely dangerous and and they can be absorbed from some baby toys … [Read more...]

How To Choose The Best Diaper For Your Baby

How To Choose The Best Diaper For Your Baby   How often do you need to change your baby’s diaper? Is the diaper of good quality? Will it leak after a few hours or does it have good absorbent quality? Cloth ones or disposable? These and similar questions keep crossing a new mom’s mind frequently. Babies are delicate and their skin is tender and needs a lot of care and nurturing. Making them wear  a good brand diaper and regularly changing it is the most basic care you can take of your … [Read more...]

7 Ways To Make Your Baby Laugh

7 Ways To Make Your Baby Laugh   Your baby is the love of your life and there is nothing that gives you more happiness than seeing your baby smile. Babies have this knack of making anyone and everyone smile. Even the grumpiest person cannot help but let out a grin observing your baby doing their cute antics. Babies are uninhibited and no have no reservations whatsoever. Anything and everything can make them laugh heartily and that certainly is a wonderful … [Read more...]

5 Tips To Keep Your Baby’s Environment Clean

5 Tips To Keep Your Baby's Environment Clean   Keeping your baby’s environment safe and clean is challenging yet extremely important and crucial especially in the first year. Even though I suffer from this constant urge to keep my home spick and span, yet the first year after our son was born my husband was obsessed with cleanliness and hygiene. No one was spared. Right from my son’s grand - parents, to the maids or anyone who came visiting us. Lollzz. There was a big bottle of hand … [Read more...]

9 Easy Ways to Introduce Your Baby to Rhymes

  9 Easy Ways to Introduce Your Baby to Rhymes   As a kid I was fascinated by the world of rhymes and would love to sing them along with my mom. Enacting the rhymes, singing, laughing and playing along with my mum was fun and priceless and I long to establish a similar kind of relationship with my son. An early introduction of letters, numbers, shapes, colours and words through rhymes helped me learn new things in a much easier way. Many scientific studies have already shown … [Read more...]