Sleep Position: What is Safe for Your Baby?

By Sarah Sleep Position: What is Safe for Your Baby? As new parents, it’s often hard to tell the difference between fact and fiction when it comes to all the baby literature out there. Even though we’ve bought all the baby goods and listened to our friends’ advice, it’s not quite enough to stop there. Because we never want to put our babies at risk by simply believing what we’re told; we should do our research first. I’ve heard a lot of myths regarding the best sleeping positions for babies … [Read more...]

How To Treat Diaper Rashes & Skin Problems In Babies

By Rhea How To Treat Diaper Rashes & Skin Problems In Babies Diaper rashes are the first introduction to pain and rashes for a baby and they definitely are very scary for them. Even for the mothers, it is very hard to see their loved ones cry in pain. Many a times, it takes days for the rashes to heal completely and till then it just gets heavy on the babies to bear the irritation and pain. There are a lot of treatments you could do for it and heal your baby’s delicate skin. I am sure … [Read more...]

How To Feed And Sooth New Born Babies

How To Feed And Sooth New Born Babies Recently, one of my friend delivered a beautiful baby girl and she was all struggling to get along with her new born as she is single handedly raising her child being away from parents with husband supporting only when he gets some time after office hours! Initially she was very confused and unhappy as to why her new born was always feeling uncomfortable and on top of that the little one was a little sick for a while due to extreme cold! So, drawing from … [Read more...]

Ways To Prevent Diaper Rashes In Babies

Ways To Prevent Diaper Rashes In Babies The prime focus of every mother is that her child always stays happy, cheerful and comfortable. Bed wetting is one common issue with children. This is why most mothers ensure that their babies wear diapers so that they stay dry for long. There are natural ways of preventing bed wetting in older children but if the child is too small you have to use diapers. They help in keeping the baby dry when he/she is asleep. However, the biggest problem with using … [Read more...]

How To Use Lybrate Mobile App For Pregnancy & Baby Care

How To Use Lybrate Mobile App For Pregnancy  & Baby Care Hello All Mommies, Today I am not her to share any topic of discussion for baby care or have any recipes to share! Today I am just here to acquaint you all with a latest online consultation platform which is slowly and steadily gaining popularity with more and more users! I seldom get so many queries related to baby care or pregnancy related concerns which a number of ladies share! Well, it is surely great to ask it to others but … [Read more...]

How To Make Cold And Cough Syrup At Home For Babies & Toddlers|Ajwain Kadha

How To Make Cold And Cough Syrup At Home For Babies & Toddlers|Ajwain Kadha Hello Moms, Recently my toddler daughter was not well and seasonal changes induced cold and cough which made her cranky and not well. She was not able to eat properly so was not that active! I keep looking for home remedies to treat minor health issues for my daughter! Instead of rushing to the doctor and trouble my child with the strong medicines, I prefer the holistic way to cure cough and cold issues! Today I … [Read more...]

How To Take Care Of Baby Dry Scalp

How To Take Care Of Baby Dry Scalp It is a commonly observed situation with many babes between the age of 3-6 months and sometimes even more! New mothers need not worry about this commonly prevailing condition and should be aware of the ways in which they can tackle too much dryness on the babies scalp. The common dry scalp is given a term cradle cap which is a characteristic situation in which the child's scalp has dry flaky dandruff like patches which tend to strip away like dandruff and is a … [Read more...]

Indian Mom Handling New Born In Germany

 By Nandita Gupta How to handle a new born when in Germany Whether it is India or Germany, motherhood brings lot of joys and surprises. Dear Indian mommies, There is nothing to get scared and worried for even if you are sitting abroad far away from your home town. Because if you are in Germany during your pregnancy, you are probably at the best place to deliver your newborn! You will find a highly developed and organized health care system which ensures the best possible care for you and … [Read more...]

Pacifier Myths & The Truth About Pacifiers (Pacifier Series 3) + Video

  Pacifier Myths And The Truth About Pacifiers (Pacifier Series 3) I’m here with the third part of our Pacifier Series. As I already mentioned that my daughter used a pacifier from when she was 2 months old till the age of 15 months. She is of 20 months now and I think this is the right time to burst some myths related to usage of pacifiers- Myth 1- If your kid uses pacifier, they will definitely have buck teeth. This is not true. It is the prolonged usage of pacifier that may … [Read more...]

How To Deal With Mother-In-Law Problems

How To Deal With Mother-In-Law Problems- Marriages are one of the most renowned social institutions which are an integral part of our Indian Society. It is much more than a legal agreement as it binds together two people and their families in one big family. A successful marriage relies upon the mutual love and respect for each other along with the peaceful co-existence of their extended families together. Generally, arranged marriages bring together the girl and the boy's family together much … [Read more...]