Dental Hygiene & Mee Mee Tooth Brush Review

Dental Hygiene & Me Me Tooth Brush Review   Developing dental hygiene in toddlers is actually a tedious process as they don't fancy the dental cleaning activity unless they find something very exciting in doing it! It is important for parents to incorporate the importance of dental hygiene in their kids from beginning and never let them take it for granted out of laziness or any other stuff. Some kids are really very excited about brushing their teeth and only a few trials will make … [Read more...]

Dr. Reddy’s Cheerio Gel Review

Dr. Reddy's Cheerio Gel   Identifying baby safe products can be very challenging especially when there are a billion brand out there to choose from. And when it comes to your child’s dental care, the whole drama may take a stressful turn because you don’t want to end up giving your toddler something that’s toxic or hazardous to her health. And just imagine the whole trouble of taking your toddler to the Dentist’s office. Will she even bother to sit peaceful on that dental chair for … [Read more...]

Chicco Set Dental Review – Toddler Dental Care

Chicco Set Dental Review I have been trying to make my daughter get into the brushing habit but honestly speaking I am not too good at it. After losing  some 3-4 baby brushes I thought of getting Chicco dental set which comes with a baby tooth paste as well a baby brush. It has made things little easier for me because when I am running behind my daughter I always forget where I kept her tooth paste and when I am done cleaning her mouth I forget where the hell she threw away her brush. Since the … [Read more...]

Chicco 6m+ Apple & Banana Toothpaste Review

Chicco 6m+ Apple & Banana Toothpaste I remember the initial days when I had introduced oral care to my daughter. Phew!…brushing teeth was such a night mare for both of us.She didn't like to brush her teeth and I wanted her to get into the brushing routine She was over one year when I had first bought her a tooth paste and a brush. I  first bought the 12m+ toothpaste from Chicco. I will share that experience in some other post. I had to shift to 6m+ toothpaste (though she was 12m+) to … [Read more...]

Baby First Brush Review – Little’s Oral Care Brush

 Now that my baby has a little bottom tooth coming up there is one more product addition  in her daily routine which surprisingly is quite an enjoyable process for my baby as well.Thankfully she  started teething  quite late (she is 10 months old) mostly babies starts teething when they are six or seven months old but late teething turns out to be a boon to parents.Reason is that by 11 month child starts sleeping for long hours at night .Imagining a teething and irritated child at six months of … [Read more...]