Himalaya Prickly Heat Baby Powder Review

Hi Momies!!   I happened to have found a new love for my baby specially during this heat. Prickly heat powder is a daily routine for my baby as it is what the skin needs at the moment. In this scorching heat, this powder can actually work wonders to keep your child away from the pain and irritability on the skin that makes them keep scratching and try and reach to their back with their tiny hands. … [Read more...]

5 Best Places To Buy Baby Party Wear Clothes

5 Best Places To Buy Baby Party Wear Clothes Hello Super Moms, Online shopping has reached every nook and corner of the country and you can see delivery options to places which you have never thought will be fond of Online Shopping. Well, in a way it is a great welcome change for a developing nation like India. Remember the huge rush to the mall on weekends! And the nightmare of lack of parking space once you land to a nearby mall! Yes been there, done that! :-( The advent of online shopping … [Read more...]

Claesen’s Luxury Kidswear Review|Luxury Kidswear + Video

Claesen's Luxury Kidswear Review|Luxury Kidswear Hi everyone, How are you all? Well today for a change I am here to talk about a Brand that deals in clothing for your kids. We mommies have different preferences when it comes to night wear and comfy clothings.  Some prefer plain cotton and some prefer stretchy ones. I personally prefer those cotton lycra stretchy fabrics which can simply pulled down through head and are easy to wear. A couple of months back I came across this brand … [Read more...]

Winfun Letter Train and Piano Activity Table Review

Winfun Letter Train and Piano Activity Table Review Hello Ladies! Today is time for a fun review. It is about an activity table that keeps kids busy and lets them have fun. This table is from Winfun and I got it from Mom & Me store. I bought it when my daughter started standing. She loved to stand with a support so I decided to make it more fun for her. About Winfun Letter Train and Piano Activity Table Cherish the smile on your infant's face and ensure that the baby's smile lasts … [Read more...]

Baby Touch Book (Set of 3 Books) Review

Baby Touch Book (Set of 3 Books) Review Hello Mommies, Today I am going to share an interesting Baby Touch Book (Set of 3 books) which is really amazing as my toddler daughter is enjoying these books very much and there is so much to learn from these books. About  Baby Touch Book (Set of 3 Books) This is  a book set comprising three books which focus on teaching different basics, essential for toddler learning. The three books are- Baby Touch Colors-It mainly makes the toddlers … [Read more...]

Babyhug Twist N Fold Move N Play Activity Gym Review

  Babyhug Twist N Fold Move N Play Activity Gym Review   My baby is growing a little older now….she has just completed her 3 months and I am damn exited to buy her any sort of gym or play material. So, after a good research on internet I decided to buy a play activity gym for my little angel. Hope you love reading the review and this helps to get the best play gym for your lil’ one.     About Babyhug Twist N Fold Move N Play Activity Gym: Babyhug Twist N Fold … [Read more...]

Fisher Price Learning Phone – Baby Toy Review

  By Anusha Adabala Fisher Price Learning Phone   Hello my dear beautiful mommies, Hope your little munchkins are doing great in this monsoons. Though it's difficult to keep them indoors in weathers like these, gadgets like TV, laptops, IPads and mobiles come to our rescue to an extent. But I must admit, it's very worrying to watch them getting addicted to these stuff and developing an obsession. It was one of those stages I came across Fisher Price learning phone and felt … [Read more...]

Quick Dry Waterproof Sheet Review

Quick Dry Waterproof Sheet I had to buy this Dry Sheet after the birth of my baby, since I didn’t wanted to use the regular plastic and rubber sheet to protect the bed sheet. Those sheets also cause sweating and are not very soft for the baby’s skin. Thus, I saw this in the baby shop and decided to give it a try. Now let us check if this has proven to be good or bad.     About Quick Dry Waterproof Sheet: Using a comfortable mat for the baby to sleep on might be a good idea … [Read more...]

Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Nourishing Baby Oil Review

By Ayantika Bhattacharya Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Nourishing Baby Oil   I am an avid reader of Wise She, specially this baby blog. Being a new mommy, everyday I explore this blog to find out new ideas and products for my son. Here comes my first review. At first I bought Johnson and Johnson baby oil for him. But it didn't suit his skin, and here comes Google. After a lot of research, I decided to buy Burt’s Bees Nourishing Baby Oil.     About Burt’s Bees Baby Oil … [Read more...]

Mee Mee Fun Learning Laptop Review

 Mee Mee Fun Learning Laptop   My parents live in the eastern part of India whereas we are located in the South of India, so Skype is the best way for them to see their grandson grow up. And whenever we Skype, my son would come and tap his fingers on the keyboard just the way I do, grab the screen, drool on it and what not. Seeing this, without even informing me, my Dad ordered this laptop from Mee Mee for my son to play with. I’m really glad that he did this for my son now plays with … [Read more...]