Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Cookie Shape Surprise Review

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Cookie Shape Surprise   I had heard a lot about Fisher Price from my relatives and discussions going on between parents long before my baby was born. I wasn’t interested much in these discussions back then as I was a kid myself :-P But, after I had my baby this was the first baby toy brand name that flashed in my mind. So, naturally now that I was a mom and my baby had crossed his 6 months mark, I thought of trying out something from Fisher-Price. While … [Read more...]

Mee Mee Happy Train Musical Toy Review

Mee Mee Happy Train Musical Toy   After my baby had entered the mobile phase, I was looking for a toy that would encourage him to crawl and learn at the same time. During my search I came across Mee Mee Happy Train Musical Toy and even though it stated that it was meant for babies above 12 months of age, I happily ignored it and bought the musical toy :-D And the musical train didn’t fail me even a tiny bit as it’s one of the favorite toys of my son.     Key … [Read more...]

Skillofun Capital ABC Alphabet Shape Tray With Picture Review

Skillofun Capital ABC Alphabet Shape Tray With Picture Review Hey Mom! Few months back I got this ABC Alphabet shape tray from flipkart and when received I thought its going to be really difficult for a 22 month old.My daughter was not even able to recognize the shapes of the alphabets let alone putting them back in the tray. For few days we helped her out but she used to get irritated when she found herself incompetent to fill the alphabets. I thought I made a bad purchase and I will have to … [Read more...]

Mee Mee Bath Tub Review

Mee Mee Bath Tub Bathing your little munchkin can be an intensely tedious job but you can always make the whole process a joyful one either by let her use your huge bath tub or by getting her, her own little one so she can have fun while getting brushed!! And we bought this beautiful Mee Mee bath Tub online on the Firstcry website and after a little thought on as to whether it’s something we are really going to use or will it just come all the way from their ware-house and sit in some lonely … [Read more...]

9 Cute Baby Shoes (0 to 13 Months)

My Daughters Shoe Collection (0-13mts) One of the physical attributes of our babies which we 'ooh' and 'ahh' over are their tiny hands and legs.. We go bonkers over any possible accessories and if like me, you too have a daughter then well, the options are endless. My daughter is now 13mts and while she always took easily to headbands and clips and bracelets (she can wear them all day), she refuses to wear shoes. . read right..she hates shoes. No matter what i do she refuses to … [Read more...]

6 Tips On Choosing Disposable Diapers For Your Baby

6 Tips on Choosing Disposable Diapers for Your Baby   Whether you are an expecting mom or a new one, you are bound to get baffled by the variety of disposable diapers available in the market. And now that you have made a conscientious choice to use a disposable diaper for your baby, where should you start? Should you buy in bulk? Which size should you pick up? Which brand? Should you pick the pant style diaper or the ones with snaps? The questions are countless. So, here are a few … [Read more...]

Top 10 Online Shopping Websites For Babies & Kids

By Neha Gargi Top 10 Online Shopping Websites for Babies & Kids There are very few women in this world who don't like shopping. And if you were a mom chances are you would go crazy shopping for your little one. But, sometimes a loving mom may splurge a bit more than she intended to and ends up regretting later on. However, shopping online with some awesome discounts and offers you are not only going to save a lot but also going to enjoy browsing through the entire range of babies and … [Read more...]

Pigeon Liquid Cleanser Review

  Pigeon Liquid Cleanser Like every first-time I was too frightened of ruining my child health with just a little bit of my own negligence. May be I went a little overboard with it and I bought this product from a very famous brand named “Pigeon”     So here’s my review on the Pigeon Liquid Cleanser. About Pigeon Liquid Cleanser:     Price: 450 ml for Rs. 400/- approximately.You can buy from flipkart here Where I bought: I got this from … [Read more...]

Building your Child’s Library:10 to 15 Months

Building your Child’s Library: 10 – 15 Months As promised in our earlier post listing book recommendations for babies in the age group of 3 to 9 months , we are back with suggestions for your child’s growing library. At about the 10th month mark, toddlers start showing a greater understanding of language, and what better way than books to boost their vocabulary and creativity. At this stage, you might want to continue to invest in board books to ensure their longevity. So, without further … [Read more...]

Chicco Stroller Turquoise Review

Chicco Stroller Turquoise Review A brand has won over me. Nothing can change my view about the brand. If you compare it with other competitive baby products brands, Chicco is a little expensive. But the quality is excellent. Few months ago I bought a stroller for my daughter from Chicco. She is not a small baby, but she is not big enough to walk a lot either. And she is not small enough to be carried around in arms or baby bag. Walk-walk-walk is the main mode of transportation here now for … [Read more...]