5 Chicco Baby Skin Care Products for Winter

 5 Chicco Baby Skin Care Products for Winter After Pigeon went missing; I mean their products are always out of stock these days; I shifted to Chicco. Nobody suggested me. But just felt I could try this. It actually becomes difficult and one gets confused when there are so many options for baby skin care. Here I am listing only products from Chicco which I find interesting for using on babies skin. Chicco Body Lotion Price: Rs. 399 for 500 ml (pump bottle) You can buy from … [Read more...]

Vicks Humidifier Reviews Baby

 Product Review: Vicks® Humidifier Our pediatrician advised us to use a humidifier at my daughter’s 2-week checkup. Since my daughter was a winter baby on the American East Coast, it was no surprise that she was subjected to the dry cold air which was further aggravated by the continuous use of the central air conditioning. Because of this at nap times and especially, in the night she used to literally snore. It was a scary noise to come from such a tiny baby. After some looking around, we … [Read more...]

Nuby Easy-Grip Fork and Spoon Starter Set Review

 Nuby Easy-Grip Fork and Spoon Starter Set Review With growing age, the demands and needs also change. I used Mee Mee Feeding spoons initially then my daughter was below one year. But later on, the food quantity it picked up was not sufficient. So I stopped using it. But, when she started realizing the use of spoon she would snatch those steel spoons from us and would try using them. So, in came this Nuby Starter Set for toddlers. The pack had 2 pairs of Fork and Spoon. I had put only one set … [Read more...]

Hopscotch Baby Clothes :Winterwear And Accessories & Website Review

Hopscotch Baby Clothes I've gone off the deep end...seriously! Ever since I discovered the world of baby clothes I've gone bonkers. I keep buying things for it clothes or accessories or bath stuff, I can't seem to resist. As a result, her wardrobe has become larger than mine and I have no doubt that in a few months 'll have to shift my clothes to her small cupboard and give her mine ;) The one online store which has played a huge part in my daughters ever-growing wardrobe is … [Read more...]

Mastela Medicine Dispenser Review

Medicine Dispenser I never thought it would be so hard to give medicines to an infant. I remember as a toddler I'd make my Dad run all around the house to give me meds and he did it happily with a smile on his face (my Moms was the opposite..I got many a whacking from her) So from the moment Pravi was born and we were asked to give her Calcium and Iron supplements daily, I was puzzled as to how to administer them. Giving them to her by spoon meant her bringing it back up in fountain mode and I … [Read more...]

7 Fun & Innovative Buys for your Baby

Baby stuff isn't boring and straight-forward anymore. I was browsing online and came so many new and fun items to buy for babies that I simply had to show them to you.. 1. The 1st Step Soft Squeeze Food- Feeder: Perfect to introduce semi solids to your baby while eliminating the chances of messes. Perfect for feeding your baby while travelling too. I've purchased one of these for my baby too. Have you tried this? Price: INR 295 2. Chicco Duckling Plate: Perfect to simulate eating like … [Read more...]

Food Steamer To Sterilize Baby Bottles & Preparing Food

I have been thinking of talking about baby sterilizer since long time but some how it never happened.  I got it last year when my baby was around 2 months old and I have extensively used it. In fact I guess I have over used it. It's one of the best things I invested in when it comes to baby care products and I think life wouldn't have been as easy without it.   Why I bought a food steamer to sterlise my baby bottle:- Reason I bought this steriliser was because of the multipurpose uses … [Read more...]