Disney Splendid Bath & Shower Gel Review + Video

  Disney Splendid Bath & Shower Gel Review + Video Hello everyone, Today I am here with a review of a baby shower & bath gel from the brand Disney. Disney products are a hit among children be it the Mickey variant or the Barbie variant. My daughter is a huge fan of Mickey Mouse and when I came across this shower gel I could not skip it and I had to take this from my daughter.     About Disney Splendid Shower Gel: Product Description: Splendid Bath & … [Read more...]

Chicco Pure Bio Organic Body Lotion For Toddlers & Kids Review+Video

Chicco Pure Bio Organic Body Lotion For Toddlers & Kids Organic products for your kids skincare is a fabulous thing to have. But we do not have many brands that offer such products. Chicco is one brand that deals in baby and kids’ skin care and have organic products which almost removes all our worries in regard with treating our kid’s skin with chemical laden products. Today I shall review Chicco Pure Bio Organic Body Lotion For Toddlers & Kids, which I feel is a great body lotion … [Read more...]

5 Possible Causes Of Baby Skin Rashes

5 Possible Causes Of Baby Skin Rashes A baby's skin is quite prone to rashes. Most of these rashes are harmless and subside on their own. But some rashes may be nasty and may result due to various skin diseases. If you see any rash for a long time, you need to consult your doctor. Here are five most common causes of skin rashes in babies and toddlers. Eczema Atopic eczema is most common in babies and kids. Red, itchy rashes appear on face, scalp and other parts of body. Theses rashes are … [Read more...]

Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes Review

  Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes     About Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes: Your baby needs gentle care and protection. Himalaya Herbal range of baby products are specially formulated to ensure the health of your baby's delicate and sensitive skin. Clinically tested for mildness, these products maintain fragile balance and complete well being of your child's skin. Cleanses, moisturizes and keeps the delicate baby skin soft. An effective combination of herbs that moisturizes and … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Get Rid Of Tan From Baby Skin

5 Ways To Get Rid Of Tan From Baby Skin Getting an occasional sun tan is good but if tanning tends to cause permanent or prolonged pigmentation then it is surely a painful thing. Women in general are the most concerned ones about how to not get get tanned while stepping out in the sun. Well, the recent reports of ozone layer depletion and rise in the global temperature it surely seems a good thing to stay protected from the sun rays as they are having some really damaging effects on the skin … [Read more...]

Atogla Baby Cream Review

  Atogla Baby Cream Review   Baby cream is an essential part of my daughter’s routine. Thanks to the genes she inherited from me. She has dry skin too. Well, it isn’t the extreme dryness as of now. But yet, Chiccoo Baby lotion is not providing her enough hydration these days. And I wanted to avoid the repeated application of the lotion to. So got into the search of a rich baby cream. Curatio is a known brand to me, as I have used their Tedi Bar Soap. It has impressed me from … [Read more...]

Himalaya Gentle Baby Soap Oils of Olive & Almond Review

Himalaya Gentle Baby Soap Oils of Olive & Almond     About Himalaya Gentle Baby Soap Oils of Olive & Almond: Himalaya's Gentle Baby Soap effectively cleanses and conditions your baby's skin gently, leaving it soft and hydrated. Infused with the natural goodness of Olive oil and Almond oil that are rich in vitamins, Gentle Baby Soap ensures a healthy and glowing skin. Ideal for daily use. Free from artificial colours. Key ingredients of Himalaya Gentle Baby Soap … [Read more...]

Himalaya Herbal Baby Massage Oil Review

  Himalaya Herbal Baby Massage Oil     About Himalaya Herbal Baby Massage Oil: Pure, mild and gentle baby oil. Enriched with Olive Oil, that nourishes with vitamins, Winter cherry, which improves the skin tone, and Aloe Vera that moisturizes the skin. An excellent massage oil for your baby. Daily massage has been shown to benefit baby's overall growth and development. Key Features Makes skin healthy Moisturizes skin Nourishes skin Benefits Overall Growth … [Read more...]

6 Popular Home Remedies For Handling Diaper Rash

  6 Popular Home Remedies for Handling Diaper Rash   Diaper or nappy rash is one of the most annoying things that often a first time mom has to battle with. And no matter what you do or how much care you take, you would have to face it at least once in early years of your baby’s life. So, instead of feeling guilty about it just be ready with the methods that can help you prevent the rashes as soon as they raise their ugly heads :-D A diaper rash is usually caused due to the … [Read more...]

Johnson’s Hand & Face Wipes Review

By Ayantika Bhattacharya Johnson’s Hand & Face Wipes   Hey there? How are you all. Here comes another Johnson’s baby product review. If you have a baby or infant at home, then you know dirt hand and face is a daily routine. But, you have to always maintain their hygiene. So, when I first saw this product at Walmart I didn't think twice. I knew this is a must have item for every mom.     About Johnson’s Hand & Face Wipes : JOHNSON’S Hand & Face Wipes … [Read more...]