4 Tips For Caring Baby Scars

4 Tips for caring for baby scars Often your little one may hurt him with the result that a big or small scar might be left on his skin. As a mom, apart from baby care, you have to attend to countless household chores and the moment your attention from your babe wavers, the naughty restless kid, is up for his naughtiness, goes and bumps into things or might be that while running about the house, he slips and falls, and the result is a wound and subsequent scarring. If the wound is unmanageable … [Read more...]

Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Shampoo & Wash Review

   Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Shampoo & Wash As a mom, the one thing that I cannot compromise is, is about the quality of products I use on my darling daughter. With greater awareness, thanks to the Internet revolution, now we can do a lot of research on all baby products and make the best decision for our little ones. I am very happy to share with you one such product that lived up to all its expectations, and made bath time stress free for both mommy and baby. About Burt’s Bees: Started … [Read more...]

21 Ways To Use Coconut Oil For Mom And Baby

21 Ways To Use Coconut Oil For Mom And Baby When a woman starts expecting, she feels a completely different emotion which is rather inexplicable. As she feels her baby growing within her womb, a deep emotional bond of love and affection develops between the mom and her baby. When her gynecologist shows her the baby’s growth stages and movements on the monitor screen during the USG Tests, her excitement level keeps soaring to skyrocketing heights and ends only with tears of joy when the doctor … [Read more...]

Do babies really need sunscreen?

I was going through an online site, when the site recommended baby sunscreen. A thought struck in my mind “Do babies really need sunscreen?”. Gathering further information I have found few pointers. As for me, I have never exposed my baby to direct sunlight. We as adults would never like being in hot sun, and how different it is for babies?     Below are few facts which we as parents should know about baby exposure to sun and baby sunscreens:-   There are many … [Read more...]

5 Chicco Baby Skin Care Products for Winter

 5 Chicco Baby Skin Care Products for Winter After Pigeon went missing; I mean their products are always out of stock these days; I shifted to Chicco. Nobody suggested me. But just felt I could try this. It actually becomes difficult and one gets confused when there are so many options for baby skin care. Here I am listing only products from Chicco which I find interesting for using on babies skin. Chicco Body Lotion Price: Rs. 399 for 500 ml (pump bottle) You can buy from … [Read more...]

Baby Facial Cream Review – Farlin Cereme

Baby Facial Cream Review  I was looking for a facial cream for my baby and thought of buying Farlin creseme baby facial cream.Athough price is on the steep side .15gm of the cream costs INR 775 .I got it from fipkart from here .Company claims many things which are as follows:- About Farlin Cereme Baby Facial Cream:- With an ultra light and velvety texture, this moisturiser is recommended for baby’s skin. Enriched with ceramide from rice, Non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic. Provided a more … [Read more...]