Himalaya Baby Care Refreshing Soap Review

Hi Mommies! I totally empathize how difficult it is to choose products for your baby. You are not too sure when you are a new mother and you have no knowledge about the right products. You actually want to be sure about every such thing that has to have a direct contact with your baby. Choosing soap is also such a task that requires you to have the know-how about. You cannot use just another soap which you have seen some of your neighbor use. Why? Because your baby is different from the baby … [Read more...]

How To Get Rid Of Lice From Kid’s Hair

How To Get Rid Of Lice From Kid's Hair Lice is one of the most common and intimidating problem which almost every parent has to go through when their kids start mingling with other fellow kids or start going to school. This certainly causes embarrassment for the parents as it is something which show that proper hair care and cleanliness is not being undertaken by parents. Of course it doesn't symbolize any particular status but its just that regular combing and early detection of the symptoms … [Read more...]

How To Treat Your Child’s Head Lice

How To Treat Your Child's Head Lice   Is your child having head lice? Do you want to cure this problem? This is very common problem among the children especially in girls. Most of the parents complain about that their child has recurrent lice. No matter how lengthy the problem goes on, having lice can definitely be very distressing, if anyone can get them. Therefore, today in this article we are giving you some tips to treat your child’s head lice problem. School aged children’s … [Read more...]