5 Kids In The Kitchen Recipes

5 Kids In The Kitchen Recipes Involving kids in kitchen is quite a fun thing to do. Seeing your kids taking up tasks with full responsibility and then your kids getting the feeling of world’s best cook is incomparable. As a kid grows, the first thing he/she does to show involvement and sense of responsibility is assisting mom in kitchen. Of course it depends on moms if they wish to allow their kid in the kitchen or not, but if a mom does not restrict a kid working in kitchen, then probably … [Read more...]

5 Nutritious Snacks For Kids

Nutritious Snacks For Kids Nutrition and Snacks are the two words which will rarely look like getting along together especially when it comes to kids. Kids are often more into junk foods for snacks but a worried mommy is always on a lookout of healthy and nutritious snacks. Do not loose hopes when your kid rejects a nutritious snack and rather opts for an unhealthy snack, it is the taste factor that only matters to kids and you too can serve your kid some nutritious snacks by making them in … [Read more...]

Simple & Easy Oreo And Ice Cream Cake Recipe

Simple & Easy Oreo And Ice Cream Cake Recipe Hello all moms, Today I am here to share an interesting sweet recipe for toddlers which looks really delicious and is sure to lure the taste buds of your toddlers and they are not going to ask you to take them to the ice cream parlor but will request you to prepare this recipe again and again! This is mainly an easy sweet recipe with Oreo Biscuits to make an interesting combination of Oreo and Ice Cream cake.   To prepare … [Read more...]

5 Baby Milk Powder Recipes

5 Baby Milk Powder Recipes Baby milk powder is a versatile product. It can be used not only to satiate your baby's hunger but also to satiate yours. These recipes are made using milk powder and are suitable for both kids and adults. Try them and let us know how they turn out- Easy pancakes   3/4 cup plain flour (maida) 1/4 tsp cinnamon powder 1/4 tsp nutmeg powder 2 tbsp milk powder 1/4 cup sugar 1/2 cup water Recipe Take all the ingredients except water in a bowl and … [Read more...]

Mixed Fruit Custard Bowl – Healthy Recipe For Kids

  Mixed Fruit Custard Bowl - Healthy Recipe For Kids   Feeding your child is a greatest job. Especially the toddler who is always in a mind set to do something against you. It is a common prank of your child to run away from any healthy foods until and unless you make the food colourful and give an interesting look. Milk and Fruits should be included compulsory in your child’s food diet. Making different recipes and running behind your child to feed them is a challenging task … [Read more...]

7 Food Recipes For Seven Months Old Babies

7 Food Recipes For Seven Months Old Babies As the baby completes the age of six months after the introduction of first food to the baby apart from milk, mothers are continuously concerned about the what to include in the diet of their babies so as to meet the growing needs of the baby. Also because the baby is initially not accustomed to eating & digesting cereals in their diet  giving anything which is difficult for them to digest is strictly prohibited. Here we will know about some of … [Read more...]

Instant Home Made Choco Almond Cookies

Instant Home Made Choco Almond Cookies   I am a big fan of home cooked food and when it comes to little babies I think they have a right to eat healthy food. When my children were young I always used to make "Naan Khatai" made with home made Deshi Ghee. And it used to take me a long time to bake those in traditional oven. Now to all the young moms I might be sounding like Granny bragging about ," Beta hamare zamane mein hum to apne bacchon ko aise palte they, yeh khilate they...blah … [Read more...]

Mango & Coconut Milk Dessert Recipe For Kids

Mango & Coconut Milk Dessert Recipe For Kids I wish mangoes were available throughout the year. They are so yumm in taste and fills the hungry tummy very easily. Kids too enjoy mangoes. Who wouldn’t like!!!!! Mango on its own is a great taste. When it gets paired up with other ingredients, it is tastier. Here I bring to you a simple recipe of mango smashed and mixed with sliced banana and coconut milk. This is a desert, or is even nest served as a combination to chapatti or poori. … [Read more...]