How To Encourage Your Kid For Singing And Dancing

How To Encourage Your Kid For Singing and Dancing ??? Singing and dancing are great ways to gain physical and emotional benefits as exercising. Both singing and dancing help kids stay healthy, happy and inculcate fast learning abilities too. Being physically active also helps increase your child’s skills and enhance their brain power. A recent study published by the Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics found that live music can be beneficial for babies. Live music helps slow a … [Read more...]

9 Benefits Of Exercising During Pregnancy

9 Benefits Of Exercising During Pregnancy   Pregnancy as it is a new change happening to your body. On top of that if someone tries to lecture you on the benefits of exercising during pregnancy, you just want to club that person right?? Well, we don’t blame you however we have done some research and collated some data which actually implies the advantages of working out while you are pregnant. If you are already in the habit of a regime of staying fit and healthy then you would enjoy … [Read more...]

Is Swimming Good For You During Pregnancy?

  Is Swimming Good For You During Pregnancy?   It doesn’t seem like the hot and sweaty summer has plans to leave us alone this year. And if you are pregnant there are high chances that you might be cursing this hostile weather like everyone else :-D So, instead of cursing why don’t you take a dip in the pool? Don you sexy maternity swimming costume and take a deep plunge in the relaxing blue waters. (Ah! Water, just the thought of it is enough to cool you down) :-) Across the … [Read more...]

6 Tips For Cooking With Kids

6 Tips For Cooking With Kids   Is your kid is interested in cooking? If yes, then this article is for you. All children’s finds that the kitchen is a very attractive part of the house. Cooking plays an essential role to inspire as well as motivate them to prepare healthy food choices and also learn various recipes from varied cultures. Hence, today in this article we are discussing about some tips that are useful for you to cook with the kids. Most of the children are grow up with … [Read more...]

5 Useful Workouts To Get Back Into Shape After Delivery

5 Useful Workouts to Get Back into Shape After Delivery   It is not as tough as you imagine it is to shed out the extra fat post delivery. While performing any of the routines if you experience soreness, heavy bleeding or headaches and other symptoms that are unusual you should stop working out and talk to your doctor seeking his advice. The following exercises are helpful in getting you into shape after delivery.     Walks: Walking is not one of the popular … [Read more...]

7 Helpful Tips For Making Toddlers Understand Colors

By Melody 7 Helpful Tips for Making Toddlers Understand Colors   There are many mothers who have problem making their kids learn to distinguish between colors. Many parents complain to pediatricians that their toddlers are able to count numbers and learn up the letters but somehow cannot find the difference between the various colors. Parents worry about the fact that their kids are unable to identify the colors despite showing growth in other areas. First of all, the picture of … [Read more...]

Best Exercising Techniques if you have a Thyroid Imbalance

I remember when I came to know I had HypoT...I was so heart broken and depressed. The doctor had warned me that it would be tough to lose weight and that I would have to be super strict with my diet and exercise if I wanted to reach my ideal weight according to my Height...I was so down and out for the longest time. I am a hardcore foodie and indulge myself regularly. I did exercise but again not everyday and I could just not imagine cutting down on my food indulgences. Plus being lazy didn't … [Read more...]