How To Use Lybrate Mobile App For Pregnancy & Baby Care

How To Use Lybrate Mobile App For Pregnancy  & Baby Care Hello All Mommies, Today I am not her to share any topic of discussion for baby care or have any recipes to share! Today I am just here to acquaint you all with a latest online consultation platform which is slowly and steadily gaining popularity with more and more users! I seldom get so many queries related to baby care or pregnancy related concerns which a number of ladies share! Well, it is surely great to ask it to others but … [Read more...]

How To Handle Kids During A Flight Travel

How To Handle Kids During A Flight Travel Travelling surely brings a lot of excitement and gives the perfect break from a routine life which is struggling to find the perfect balance between home and office. Holidaying is surely as exciting as you get to get away from the usual surroundings and the change relaxes you from inside. Well, when you have kids and that too toddlers, travelling come surely not as pleasing as it sounds to be because you need to lookout for many different things which … [Read more...]

8 Baby Foods To Be Avoided For 4-12 Months Babies

  8 Baby Foods To Be Avoided For 4-12 Months Babies A caution should always be provided while feeding your baby. Giving heavy foods might cause serious damage to your baby’s digestive system. There are chances of your child becoming permanently allergic to some food even after they grow if given at the early age. The paediatricians usually guide to feed only breast milk till 6 months of age. But it is a practice to start light foods at the 4th month.     There … [Read more...]

What is Double/Triple Marker Test

What is Double/Triple Marker Test   With the advancement of Science, now it is possible to detect genetic disorders in foetus itself. Marker tests are done to analyse the chances of an unborn suffering from genetic disorders mainly Down's Syndrome.   Double marker test Double marker test is done between 10-13 weeks of pregnancy. It assesses the risk of Down's syndrome, trisomy 18 trisomy 21 in the foetus. Double marker test is a blood test where Free Beta HCG (human … [Read more...]

11 Symptoms Of Thyroid

11 Symptoms Of Thyroid   Are you showing symptoms of Fatigue, Hair Loss, Weight Gain, Brain Fog etc.? Chances are that you may have a serious thyroid problem. Although all these symptoms could be just there due to your lifestyle too, yet it is not wise to ignore it. It is absolutely crucial to identify the problem, get correct diagnosis and start treatment at the earliest. The thyroid gland undoubtedly stands to be one of the most important glands of the human endocrine system. It … [Read more...]

12 Symptoms Of Cancer

12 Symptoms Of Cancer   As Women our bodies are constantly changing and half the time we are unaware of these changes. However, our health is in our hands and there are some symptoms that we should clearly not ignore. The key is understand our body and be vigilant about the changes that may occur and treat them on time. 12 Signs that you should look out for:- Breast Changes – Anything lumpy in your breast may not be a sign of cancer, however not getting it checked is also … [Read more...]

5 Tips To Keep Your Baby’s Environment Clean

5 Tips To Keep Your Baby's Environment Clean   Keeping your baby’s environment safe and clean is challenging yet extremely important and crucial especially in the first year. Even though I suffer from this constant urge to keep my home spick and span, yet the first year after our son was born my husband was obsessed with cleanliness and hygiene. No one was spared. Right from my son’s grand - parents, to the maids or anyone who came visiting us. Lollzz. There was a big bottle of hand … [Read more...]

5 Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

5 Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy Pregnancy is the most important physiological function in the life of a human as it involves recreation of the self. This accounts for many things to keep in mind before conceiving and also during the gestation period. You may heave heard your mother & grand mothers talking about certain things to avoid during pregnancy. Well, Old is Gold goes well with this and they were actually correct about many things regarding pregnancy situation & nutrition … [Read more...]

3 Best Ways To Deal With Post-Partum Depression

3 Best Ways To Deal With Post-Partum Depression   Having a Baby is the most wonderful feeling in the whole world. It is also the most over whelming. Not just your body but mentally also you go through a whirlwind of emotions. And they change within seconds. You could be overjoyed and smiling looking over your precious baby one minute and the next minute bawling your guts out. Everyone seems to settle in quite easily and start enjoying the new arrival effortlessly, except for the mom to … [Read more...]

How To Deal Your Child’s Sweet Tooth

How To Deal Your Child’s Sweet Tooth Do you want to break your child’s sugar habit? How do you benefit your child to eat a less sugar? This is very natural if your child prefers sweet tastes because breast milk covers milk sugars and anything sweet is the first flavors that your baby is familiar with it. Most of the parents are trying to figure out the sugar habit. Hence, today in this article we are giving you some tips that are very helpful for you to deal with your child’s sweet … [Read more...]