Quick Tips On How To Travel With A Baby

By Rhea Quick Tips On How To Travel With A  Baby Traveling with a baby is actually very tedious and we would not be able to enjoy our trip if we do not pre-plan it and be prepared for every kind of problem that the kid might face. We would also not be able to live in peace if our little ones do not feel good. Sometimes it so happens that kids feel out of place outside as they are more habitual of being in their homes. For these kinds of kids, it is all the more necessary to keep them … [Read more...]

How To Choose Appropriate Movies For Toddlers

By Rhea How To Choose Appropriate Movies For Toddlers It is not a child’s play to decide the type and kind of movies that are fine for the toddlers to watch. We have to pay attention to each and every aspect of the movie before we could permit them to watch it. Children from the age of 3 years to 18 years require strict supervision and they should not be exposed to any content which is not suited to their age. One has to have the maximum restrictions at the age of 3 and then one could … [Read more...]

Preschool Learning Games For 3 Year Old – English Alphabet Games

Hi Everyone! Time for a new post today.This blog is so close to me and the reason being as it grows my child is also growing.So now that she is three year and few month old this one is 3.6 year old :). I am a kind of a mom who believes in sitting with the child and learning new stuff without even knowing we are putting brains :D and that is the why I try to make learning super fun for my girl.I don't know how far I will be able to carry it as I have heard that when kids join proper school then … [Read more...]

Toddler Safety Tips This Diwali

By Stuti Khurana Toddler Safety Tips This Diwali Diwali is just round the corner & children are always super excited about the celebrations. However, in order to enjoy to the fullest, it is important that safety is well taken care of. Here we present a few pointers to keep your toddlers safe this Diwali.   Close Supervision: First & foremost, do not leave your little ones unattended. Toddlers should be kept in arms at all times. Be extremely careful with babies who can crawl as … [Read more...]

Role Play For Kids- Zoo Activities For Preschool

Role Play For Kids- Zoo Activities For Preschool Making your kids imagine themselves as a different person in a new situation forms the basis of role play. It is popular in Western countries but is yet to gain more popularity in India. Many good schools involve little children in role play to make them learn quite a lot of things. You can role play with your child at home just like I do. Use of props makes the scenario more real. I created a little zoo at home and played a scenario with my … [Read more...]

How To Make Soft Play Dough At Home + Video

  How To Make Soft Play Dough At Home + Video   Making play dough for children is very easy and children with all ages love to play with this dough. All you need to do is get the ingredients and few colors you child likes and make it. There are also many benefits for children to play with dough. Just ask them to make alphabets, numbers, shapes, toys and many things which while learning the kid enjoys as well. But at the same time it is important to make sure that you use safe … [Read more...]

5 Best Mobile Apps For Toddlers

5 Best Mobile Apps For Toddlers Hey Moms, So while the summer vacation is just about to end and probably you must have been back to your place from vacations or family gatherings. Now as the new session starts there is still lot of time when the toddlers will be engaging themselves in the sudden atmosphere of school life after a gap of about 1-2 months. Although the summer camps organized by various schools and institutions is quite helpful, but being back to school life after a great gap of … [Read more...]

How To Make Bubble Baths For Kids

How To Make Bubble Baths For Kids Summers are at its peak and the nothing seems more refreshing than a cool bath for both adults as well as young kids. Well, not everyone has the facility of swimming pool clubs in their city so as to get a cool swimming experience during summers for themselves or the kids. Talking about bathing activities, kids really enjoy bathing mostly during the summers as it relives them from the high temperature and also ensures lot of fun activities in the bathroom … [Read more...]

Teaching Small Medium And Large To Preschoolers + Video

Teaching Small Medium And Large To Preschoolers Today I am going to show you a puzzle set which has helped my child in learning about sizes. It is really quite difficult to make your child understand what is small, medium and big. It was tough for me to teach her that but this game has helped me in making my daughter understand about different sizes and learning various other things as well. Price- INR 195 My Experience with Learn About Sizes Game This game 'Learn About Sizes' is meant for … [Read more...]

5 Kids In The Kitchen Recipes

5 Kids In The Kitchen Recipes Involving kids in kitchen is quite a fun thing to do. Seeing your kids taking up tasks with full responsibility and then your kids getting the feeling of world’s best cook is incomparable. As a kid grows, the first thing he/she does to show involvement and sense of responsibility is assisting mom in kitchen. Of course it depends on moms if they wish to allow their kid in the kitchen or not, but if a mom does not restrict a kid working in kitchen, then probably … [Read more...]